Fatherhood on Friday: Social Good, Dads in Sports, and Summer Blockbusters

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This was a great week for dads in sports, from Todd Frazier celebrating his Home Run Derby win with his son (above), to the amazing moments shared at the ESPY Awards: Best Male Athlete Stephen Curry talking about his daughter; Arthur Ashe Courage Award honoree Caitlyn Jenner’s amazing speech about family and respect; and Devon Still’s very touching speech about his 5-year-old daughter Leah’s battle with cancer:


Video via ABC US News | World News

Not to be outdone, summer blockbusters have brought the parenting emotions, too. Pixar’s Inside Out has been wowing families for a lot of reasons, and Matt Zoller Seitz of RogerEbert.com believes that its focus on the importance of Sadness is the best of them.

Paul Rudd Ant-Man

Photo: Disney/Marvel

Marvel’s offering opens this weekend, and although Ant-Man is rated PG-13, it’s still full of family fun (emphasis on family). The film is just as much about fatherhood as superheroes (above), as Charlie Capen addresses that at How To Be A Dad. As an added bonus, James Zahn at The Rock Father Magazine speaks with Ant-Man star and soon-to-be new dad Corey Stoll about action figures and his parenting future.

Beth Greenfield of Yahoo Parenting shares the story of a father and son that may not even know they are famous—the duo was photographed on the subway in full Minions mode and, thanks to Reddit, their picture has now been seen by millions of viewers. Do you recognize them?

Photo: Reddit

The online parenting community has always been active in social good, and this month the ONE Campaign is featuring a blog relay in which bloggers share posts to highlight the Electrify Africa Act. We are very proud to have Dad 2.0 alumnus C.C. Chapman and Dads 4 Change among the participants. It’s a very worthy cause that has the potential to help many families; please read their posts and add your support by signing the petition.

ThyBlackMan.com shares a post from W. Eric Croomes, founder of Their Eyes Were Watching Daddy, about helping single dads become better men called “Why Coaching Single-dads is Important.

Gene Balk from The Seattle Times (via The Register Herald) has done some math in dad years, declared that “Nobody has kids in their 20s anymore” and asks if older dads are the New Normal.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal shares a story from Mark Miller on the sometimes overwhelming duties of fatherhood. In it Miller provides “5 ways to prevent ‘dad burnout’.” It’s more than just pacing yourself.

Ann Imig, the founder of Listen to Your Mother, writes a piece at The Washington Post called “Parenting and Hypocrisy: From Free Range Kid to Helicopter Mom?” that really hits home with a lot of parents.

Every dad likes to think he’s pretty cool, but Tom Burns at 8BitDad shares a look at Michael Gump, a master of disguise, that raises the bar quite a bit—at least on Instagram.

Do you talk to your kids about events in the news? David Vienna of The Daddy Complex does, and he films it for everyone to see. His kids have some pretty good ideas:



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