Fatherhood on Friday: Feel good time

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How’s your summer going? We’re loving all the social media posts about how you and your kids are whiling away the dog days, whether it be shepherding them across the country or just hosing them off in the street. These are the special times, when young kids have the best chance to focus on family and fun, and we hope you’re capturing any opportunity you have to make the memories that will linger long after the experience is over.

One experience we’ll remember for a very long time was our tour of Camp Kesem, whom you met at Dad 2.015 in San Francisco. Camp Kesem provides free summer-camp experiences to children to help support them through and beyond a parent’s cancer, and we recently got to see their efforts up close:

And there’s a lot more good in the world where that came from.

For one, we’re thinking of Jon Stewart, who departed The Daily Show last night after 16+ years, in part because the relentless grind took him away from his young kids. Take a look at how Stephen Colbert reduced him to tears on his final show last night.

Then, take a look at this video of eight-year-old Bailey Matthews, who despite his cerebral palsy was inspired by his father to compete in triathlons, and who, at the end of his latest race, shed his walker and crossed the finish line unassisted.

Feel good yet?

Now read this piece from Amy Joyce in The Washington Post, about the extraordinary ripple effect of Netflix’s new policy that allows new moms and dads “to take off as much time as they want during the first year after a child’s birth or adoption.” It’s a fundamental shift now, in a country that still trails most of the world when it comes to paid parental leave. Will it be our new normal?

We’ve always been impressed by Facebook’s similar trailblazing role when it comes to creating a flexible work environment for parents. And now Mark Zuckerberg gets to enjoy it firsthand. Congratulations!

If you saw him read his Dad Blogger Spotlight at Dad 2.014 or speak at Dad 2.015, you know about Lorne Jaffe‘s struggles with depression. And you should also know that he’s producing a new show, featuring live performances of people discussion their depression and anxiety, for This Is My Brave this fall in New York City! We’re always very excited to see what our attendees go on to achieve after speaking with us, and this is a particularly terrific accomplishment. All the best, Lorne!

Beyond the barrage of link-baity news headlines tend to disproportionately represent the darker nonsense that goes on the world, there’s a lot of truly wonderful work going on in relative obscurity. We look at this blog as a weekly reminder of that, and if you have a news story you think fits in with this idea, we hope you’ll share it with us, on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other platforms put the wind in your sails.

See you next week!