Fatherhood on Friday: We All Get a Trophy!

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Even by Internet standards, this was a volatile week for (mostly trivial) bickering, and nothing took the brunt of it like … cargo shorts? After a fundamentally silly BuzzFeed piece (that somehow thought that the average dad has sick abs and no toys or snacks to carry) urged men to embrace a new fashion aesthetic, Doyin Richards rose to defend the hallowed Side Pocket at Today Parents.

(Come to think of it, Side Pocket would be a great name for a dad blog.)

The other big story was about participation trophies, after the Steelers’ James Harrison announced on Instagram that he was returning the trophies his sons received but didn’t “earn.” Several media outlets responded: CNN’s Kelly Wallace discussed trophies and kids with Whit Honea, and Deadspin’s Albert Burneko made his wonderfully crude point.

Dad 2.0 Summit co-founder John Pacini had a busy week, appearing with Mocha Dad’s Fred Goodall to discuss what it means to “earn” a trophy:

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

He later joined his wife, Carrie, co-founder of Mom 2.0 Summit, on the Dad Spotlight podcast to discuss family, business, and the joys of cosplay.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Cosima Marriner delivered two interesting articles. The first asked “Which families are the happiest?” and the other explained “Why dads need to be body positive role models for their daughters.

Keiara Carr of the Journal Gazette tells us about Dean Spires and his 16-year-old son, Garrett, two heroes who saved an unresponsive woman with CPR.

Not to be outdone by Netflix and Microsoft, software company Adobe is expanding its maternity and paternity leave. Megan Rose Dickey of Tech Crunch explains that leave will be 4-6 months.

Being outdone by Netflix, Microsoft and Adobe? Amazon. Josh Levs, author of All In, writes at Huffington Post that “Amazon can’t defend its lack of paternity leave.”

Johnny Taylor has a guest post at This is My Brave called Silence the Stigma. Very personal and very needed.

And finally, The Scene shared this video of fathers reacting when their grown daughters fend off catcalls and other unwanted advances on the street. A disturbing reminder that, when it comes to ending even the most basic predatory behavior, it’s on us.

Join us next week, when we report from Esquire’s Mentoring Event to celebrate the resurgence of mentoring around the country, and to help more men learn about volunteering as mentors with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NYC. Cocktails, apps, music, and an appearance by Esquire editor-in-chief David Granger will make for a memorable evening for a great cause. If you’re in New York on Thursday night, we hope to see you there!