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photo credit: Jon Armstrong

photo credit: Jon Armstrong

Next week is all about speakers, ideas, and the collective groundwork of conversation that will blossom into the powerful interactions offered at Dad 2.016. That this coincides with Rosh Hashanah is, indeed, just coincidence, but perhaps it’s fitting all the same. After all, what better time for introspection and thoughtful dialogue than at the turning of the calendar?

You can answer the call on our Speakers page September 14-21.

There will be a number of other key announcements and deadlines to note as we build toward Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., and you can find them on this list of important dates.

When are you happy to see your dad get in trouble at work? When you’re Peyton Smith, and your dad, Baltimore Ravens receiver Steve Smith, gets ejected from a game and suddenly you get to watch a game together for the first time. That’s got to be worth whatever reprimands may follow.

In the wake of Father’s Day in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Daniella Miletic addresses the overall silliness of Father’s Day gifts. Sounds like Australian dads are sick of ties and socks, too.

Andy Wells at Yahoo writes about a welder in China, Wang Liansheng, whose son really, really likes Transformers—so he built him one.

And speaking of making fun things for your kids, check out Summit co-founder John Pacini‘s appearance on Fox 26 in Houston, to talk about creative lunches by Beau Coffron of Lunchbox Dad and Brent Almond of Designer Daddy:


Some of the biggest “parenting sites” may knock dads, because knocking dads get clicks, Stephanie Peatling of The Sydney Morning Herald says it’s time to stop.

Brendan King at Australia’s ABC shares a story of dads overcoming loneliness and bonding over fatherhood.

At the New Zealand Herald, Michele Hunter writes that dads may be “ruling the roost at home,” but fitting in isn’t always easy.

Nevin Martell at The Washington Post agrees, stating that “it’s not easy to be a dad in a mom’s world.”

Everybody’s favorite Guardian of the Galaxy/dinosaur whisperer, Chris Pratt, lost his father last year. He remembered him recently with this particularly great tweet: 

According to Katrina Stokes at the Herald Sun, more dads attend their baby’s delivery than ever before, and a lot of the credit goes to hospitals for allowing fathers the opportunity.

Marelise Van Der Merwe at the Daily Maverick reports that “South Africa has one of the highest rates of absentee fathers in the world,” and a group of dads has created the NappiDaddi app to help change that.

Eleanor Hawkins of EuroWeekly News writes that new dads in Spain are still waiting for the increase in paternity leave that was approved six years ago. At this rate, they may have to use the leave for the birth of their grandchildren.

In the UK’s Big Issue North, Rick Bolton contributes his thoughts on caring for caring dads and children with disabilities.

An online survey cited by Simon Collins at the New Zealand Herald has found that moms tend to read to kids more and that many Kiwi boys consider reading as a “girl thing.” That would never fly at Target (thankfully).

And finally: Next week marks the annual DadFest Festival in the UK, and one of the highlights is the World Dad Dancing Championship. The winner receives his height in beer. Do you have the moves (or the thirst) to win it all?

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