Fatherhood on Friday: Donuts, Dances, and Dads in Space

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As we get ready to bid farewell to September, we want to lead off this week’s Fatherhood On Friday post with a tremendous thank you for the great success of this year’s Speaker Week. Submissions outpaced last year’s total by a mile, ensuring that this year’s programming will be the hardest job ever. (Also: the absolute best ever.)

Also: In keeping with our Save The Date page, we’ve also published our first look at the 2016 Schedule, which we’ll also update regularly as details are finalized. We hope you’ll use these resources and watch Dad 2.016 grow right before your eyes!

Dads In The News

Harry Wallop of The Telegraph shares solid advice from Mark Harris (one of only 122 males among 42,000 midwives in the UK), who tells men to keep calm and carry on in “Don’t panic: A male midwife’s guide for dads-to-be.

The Morning Journal’s Carol Harper writes about a “Donuts With Dads” event drawing record crowds and allowing a bit of extra time for kids and fathers to bond.

According to FOX Sports, the Minnesota Twins have made fans for life. After a dad traveled three hours with his 8-year-old daughter to see a ballgame that was rained out, Twins president Dave St. Peter got them a hotel room and upgraded their tickets. Nicely done.

We told you previously about parents who have named their kids after Atticus Finch, but who was the character based on? According to Jay Reeves at ABC News, the answer is A.C. Lee, father of To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee.

We all know parents that have to travel for work and often miss some banner milestones in their child’s life (perhaps this hits close to home), but 11-year-old Charlotte Kelly’s tale is especially amazing. Her dad is Scott Kelly, and his job currently has him living aboard the International Space Station for year. Charlotte write about her side of the experience as a TIME for Kids correspondent.

As fathers, we take many walks in life—some because we have to, and others that we take for granted. Dads 4 Change co-founder Carter Gaddis compares and contrasts a few examples in a beautiful piece called “Three Walks.”

Amy Joyce at The Washington Post discusses Andrew Moravcsik’s advice for dads on becoming the primary caregiver. Spoiler alert: Society has to do its part.

Shelby Lin Erdman has more on dads and paternity leave on NPR (WABE, Atlanta).

The New York Times’ Noam Scheiber takes a bigger look at the CNN settlement with Josh Levs, and what that means to paid parental leave in the United States and the fact that “dads sue, too.”

Want more proof that paternity leave is changing? Amy Crossan shares on LinkedIn that Virgin Airlines is now offering new dads who have been with the company at least four years a full year of paid leave.

Tired of the myths about stay-at-home dads? Sidharth Balachandran busts five of the myths on Huffington Post. Don’t worry, it’s not a slideshow.

BBC News provides the best headline of the week: “Busting moves at the Dad Dancing World Championships.” Yes, there is video.

And finally: The 20th At-Home Dads Convention kicks off today! We’ll be joining them for the weekend in Raleigh, to talk about primary caregiving, share some stories, and celebrate this terrific milestone year. Congratulations, guys. We can’t wait to see you!

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Fatherhood on Friday! If you have any fatherhood news or stories that you would like to share you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.