Fatherhood on Friday: Baseball, Marriage, Fishing, and Pom-Poms

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October is only two days old, and it’s already given us a lot to cry about. As we process the mass shooting in Oregon yesterday, we’re thinking of Chris Mintz, the dad who charged the gunman, and sustained multiple gunshot wounds, because “there was no way he was going to stand around and watch something this horrific happen” on his son’s sixth birthday.

And then there’s this amazing wedding moment, when a father stopped his daughter’s wedding and insisted that her stepdad, who “had just as big of a part in raising this child,” walk with them to the altar. The pictures will get you.

Dad and Stepdad walk daughter to altar

Image via Imgur

The co-founders were busy this week, having attended the 20th National At-Home Dad Convention in Raleigh. (Where our friend Chris Routly was selected to replace our other friend Al Watts as president. Congratulations!)

Want a bit more awesomeness? BuzzFeed News shared a video on Facebook featuring Ryan Weimer, a dad who created Magic Wheelchair—a nonprofit that makes wonderful Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs. Watch it.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has a plan to enhance paid paternity leave, but according to Jonathan Cohn at the Huffington Post, Rubio’s plan won’t accomplish much.

A study out of New South Wales finds that “dads who read, draw, do puzzles and other activities are not only helping their children develop motor skills, they may also be shaping their learning ability.” But you probably knew that.

Christopher A. Brown, the president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, shared a piece on Huffington Post called “Dads Hold Key to Reducing Child Poverty” based upon the U.S. Census Bureau’s new report on income and poverty.

If the Pumpkin Spice Avalanche has put you off of the fall season, Thom Hofman has written a touching slice of life called “Autumnal, Said Right for Once,” and it feels pretty good.

Catherine Grant at Australia’s ABC covers a center for homeless fathers in Tasmania that helps dads form and maintain closer relationships with their children.

Are you a baby wearer? Karen Funnell of the Irish Examiner reports on her meeting with dads “who believe there is nothing more manly than carrying your child in a sling.”

Father’s Day 2017 may seem like its a long time away, but you should mark your calendars for the theatrical release of A Voice That Carries, a documentary looking at the bond between dads and daughters. The teaser trailer shows a lot of promise.

As we look to add some uplift, we end this week with three videos that will start your weekend with a smile:

ONE: Say what you will about Barbie, she makes a pretty sturdy fishing pole. BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin shared a video of dad Ram Mehta cheering on his daughter as she pulled in a huge fish.

TWO: Here is the best part about coaching your kid’s baseball team according to Megan McCluskey at Time (we agree):

And if you’ve ever wondered what really happens when Dad is left alone with the kids, this hidden camera says it all:

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