Esquire returns as National Media Sponsor of Dad 2.016!

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We’re jumping our own Monday Conference Call thread because we’ve got some really great news. Remember way back on September 18, before Pinktober and pumpkin spice, when we were all, “Just hanging out in the 1,000th issue of Esquire, NBD”? Well, we’re very excited to announce that Esquire is returning as our national media partner for Dad 2.016!

We’re always gratified when a partnership works out so well the first time that both parties jump at the chance to renew it. Esquire continues to promote the importance of mentorship and fatherhood to its influential male audience, and now you can check out anything Esquire has ever published over 82 years on Esquire Classic, its new, subscription-based digital archive!

The Esquire team came to San Francisco and really liked what they saw, and they’re eager to dig in with an enhanced role this year to further their commitment to Dad At His Best. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Esquire, as sponsor of our indispensable Live Lounge and so much more, in the months to come. In the meantime, get ready to see a lot more of these at the Mandarin Oriental!