Fatherhood on Friday: Spotlights, Sainthood, and Single Parenting

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Did you hear? Yesterday, we opened the Dad Blogger Spotlight submission window for Dad 2.016! And since it seems inadequate to spotlight good writing just once a year, we’ve begun sharing our favorite “Porchlight Posts” each Friday. These are works that lend themselves to deeper thought and good conversation—you know, the good stuff.

With each new day, dads make fresh strides, take new stands, and move fatherhood forward. It’s a good time to be a dad, and we’ve got the news and stories to prove it:

The Irish News ran an article by Padraig O’Morain called “That’s Men: Stay-at-home dads—attitudes change, and benefits stay the same” and in documenting a study by Deirdre McCann, he states that “men who take on the role of stay-at-home dads are happy and find it fulfilling.” Tell us something we don’t know, Paddy.

According to ITV News, “Girls ‘do better’ when dads stay at home—but it’s not easy to do.” It may be a challenge, but we’re glad that shared parental leave is giving more dads the chance to try.

Have you ever wondered “What It’s Like to Be a Single Dad to an 8-Year-Old Daughter”? Jennifer O’Neill at Yahoo Parenting spoke with dad named Ian and got his take on the experience.

Looking for more great dad blogs for your reading pleasure? You’ll see some hopefully familiar faces on HuffPo’s “10 Must-Read Blogs for New (and Experienced) Dads.”

Esquire, the returning National Media Partner of Dad 2.0, ran two very interesting and very different articles this week, both of which caught our attention. First, Jeff Bogle discusses the struggles that men face with body image in “I’m Heavier Than My Wife—and It’s a Problem.” Then, ex-convict Coss Marte, the founder of ConBody, explains “This Is What It’s Like to Raise a Son From Behind Bars.”

And finally: October 12th was National Coming Out Day, and the dedicated storytellers at StoryCorps shared this wonderful video, “The Saint of Dry Creek,” animating the tale of Patrick Haggerty and the sage advice that he was given by his father, Charles:

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