Kia Motors America returns as Presenting Sponsor!

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When it comes to our opening sponsor announcement, these guys are all about the universal allure of the open road:

That’s right, dads: Last year’s vehicle sponsor Kia Motors America liked what they saw in San Francisco, and they’re back as a 2016 Presenting Sponsor to build on the great relationships they’ve made in a major way. Kia knows our writing—as well as our videos, our podcasts, our Vines, our memes, our Facebook posts, and our snarky tweets—stems from one important nexus: Our storytelling. And a lot of our family stories originate on the road, whether you’re schlepping 14 hours across the country for Thanksgiving, or hanging with your kid in the morning drop-off line at school.

You’ll be hearing a lot from Kia over the next months, about the great things you’ve come to expect (the vehicles, the videos, the airport shuttles, the #kiadad road trips) and the many new surprises they have planned. We’re very happy to have them back in the fold for Dad 2.016; it’s only their second year with us, and they already feel like family.