Fatherhood on Friday: Pumpkins, Parachutes, and Prime Ministers

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There’s a lot going on with Dad 2.0 this month that involves you.

For example, when you come to DC in February, you’ll get the chance to test-drive a Kia, which we announced this week as a return Presenting Sponsor! They’ve done a great job building on the relationships and success of last year, and we’ve got great plans for each other this time around.

Also, submission windows for Miller Grant applications and Dad Blogger Spotlights, as well as signups for the #MovemberDads team are open! This is a really participatory time for the Dad 2.0 Community as a whole, and we hope you’ll take one or more of these opportunities and get involved!

In The News

Congratulations to newly elected Canadian prime minister (and 44-year-old father of three) Justin Trudeau, who is the first PM to follow a parent into officeBuzz Bishop shares more on “Family, Fatherhood, and Leadership from Pierre Trudeau to Justin” on his site, DadCAMP.

Meanwhile, Louie Smith at the UK’s Daily Mirror reports on a dad named Jon Platt who was prosecuted for taking his 7-year-old daughter to Walt Disney World in Florida during the school term. It sounds like one kingdom is a bit less magical than the other.

From the “Holy Crap!” files: The Telegraph has an amazing video of Mariusz Dulaj saving his son from an out-of-control spin while skydiving. That’s some extreme father-son bonding.

Pittsburgh Steeler Cameron Heyward has been fined over $10,000 by the NFL for honoring his late father, former star running back “Iron Head” Heyward, with personalized eye black during games. The league is currently running an awareness campaign for breast cancer, but they have a lot of rules concerning that as well (Heyward’s teammate DeAngelo Williams has had to get pretty creative to honor his late mother).

Porchlight Posts

Tom Burns describes the example he sets for his daughter in a piece called “I Don’t Want To Be My Daughter’s Ideal Man.” For a real treat, check out this gem of a card that Tom received from his 8-year-old.

Sarah M. Wojcik of The Morning Call reports how Rob Loosli helped his wife Allison deliver their daughter in a gas station parking lot. No word on whether they also topped off the tank.

Earlier this week, Dad 2.0 co-founder John Pacini appeared on Fox 26 KRIV with anchor Tom Zizka to discuss kids and setting time limits on technology:

And finally, dads: Are you ready for Halloween? If you’re still looking for any epic jack-o’-lantern ideas, HuffPo has you covered.

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