Monday Conference Call: Dove Men+Care returns as Title Sponsor for Dad 2.016!

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Being a Five-Timer is not a small thing. It takes drive, dedication—and, in some cases, the ability to look cool as a six-foot omelet. And as we gear up for our fifth Dad 2.0 Summit, we’re excited to announce that Dove Men+Care, the only team that has backed us for all five of those years, is back as Title Sponsor for Dad 2.016!

In a way, the brand and the conference have grown up together. The Dove Men+Care line was launched less than a year before we were, and when the team arrived in Austin for Dad 2.012, Dove Men+Care was still a lesser-known offshoot of a popular women’s brand. (We can relate to this.)

Five years, several successful campaigns, viral videos, a universally celebrated Super Bowl commercial, and four Title Sponsorships later, Dove Men+Care has forged its own identity, centered on the steadfast message that complexity and caring are essential attributes of modern masculinity.

We can relate to that, too.

This concept resonates because waaaay back in 2012, before hashtags took over the world, Dove Men+Care knew what some brands are only just figuring out: that strength and care aren’t mutually exclusive. Most dads know this, and now that this idea is catching on, it’s easy for us to gravitate toward messages we relate to, and to tune out those that don’t.

The best thing is, we’ve come to know Dove Men+Care as a brand that continues to help us build the Dad 2.0 Community. Like last Father’s Day, when the “Dad Care Package” program delivered 10,000 packages to new dads in select hospitals around the country, and the “To All Dads” series on Medium brought support to thousands of fathers who hadn’t even figured out how to strap their newborns into a carseat.

Hotel Giveaway No. 1

Now that they’re officially back with us, we want to celebrate DM+C Week with our first Hotel Giveaway! Everyone with both a ticket to Dad 2.016 and a room booked at the Mandarin Oriental by Friday, October 30, is entered, and on Monday, November 2, we’ll select a random winner who will receive three nights free!

We’re prouder than ever to share our logo with Dove Men+Care for our fifth Summit. After a five-year relationship as long and productive as Fallon and Timberlake, it wouldn’t be DC without DM+C.