Fatherhood on Friday: Movember Mustaches and Monstrous Mayhem

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How is it Halloween already? Seems like we were just buying school supplies last week; now, out of nowhere, the leaves have all fallen, college football is half over, and we’re about to fall back. What gives?

You give, that’s what. Especially when it comes to the mustached majesty that is Movember.


Photo: Whit Honea

Do you have a surfeit of unused space below your nose? Why not festoon your philtrum with a brand-new mustache? This wonderful, horizontal hairpiece is a great way to join with like-minded men to raise funds for research into men’s cancers, mental health, and fitness. This is our sixth year with the Movember Movement, and each year the ‪#‎MovemberDads‬ team–comprising men from all your favorite dad spaces all over the web–has worked hard to change the face of men’s health, one lip at a time. We’d love to have you on board this year, in any capacity. Every bit of support helps!

Two Important Deadlines Today

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Today is also the deadline for all submissions for Dad Blogger Spotlights. So if you’ve written something great and want to read it at Dad 2.016, let us know! If it’s as good as any of these Porchlight Posts, you could be sharing it on the main stage in February!

In The News

After Paul Ryan’s recent comments about his desire to preserve family time, you may be wondering how the other presidential candidates feel about paid family leave. Luckily, Mike Jordan at Fatherly has done the research for you.

Dad 2.0 alumnus Kenny Bodanis, author of “What Do I Do While You’re Pregnant?” was on a recent episode of CTV’s The Social to talk about the involvement of men during their partner’s pregnancy.

Yahoo Health has the story of a man who found out his own unborn twin is the father of his newborn son. It’s called “human chimera,” and it happened.

At YoungUpstarts, contributor Gerry Hays shares “6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Stay-At-Home Dads.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger writes about the elephant in the room (or lack thereof) in “A Calmer Division of Labor at Home.”

Beth Greenfield at Yahoo Parenting has “Good News for Strict Moms and Dads Out There.”

Ebony gives us “15 Things Black Dads Don’t Hear Enough.”

Newsweek’s John Walters takes a look at “Steve Jobs: Aaron Sorkin’s Latest Father-Daughter Study.”

At BabyCenter, Sara McGinnis shares “15 pearls of wisdom from the world’s funniest dads” (celebrity edition or we’d all be on it, obviously).

Sarah Hamaker at The Washington Post writes “Come on, moms. Let dads be in charge of the kids, too.”

Halloween Special


Photo: John Marcotte

Are you tired of the “cute” costumes being marketed to girls as opposed to the “brave, scary, smart, adventurous” choices for boys? John Marcotte is, too, and he’s doing something about it over at Heroic Girls with the #MoreThanCute campaign.

Beau Coffron at Lunchbox Dad has a seasonal DIY project for all of you food lovers: The Nightmare Before Christmas lunch is a real beauty–and as an added bonus, you can use it again in December!

And this week’s FOX 26 segment from Dad 2.0 Summit co-founder John Pacini discusses Halloween safety:

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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