Fatherhood on Friday: Hundred Days, Happy Farsdag, and Hairy Voltron

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ICYMI, we reached the 100 Days Out milestone toward Dad 2.016 this week! Where does the time go?

As we enter Movember’s midsection, we want to remind you that the #MovemberDads team needs your help. Fathers from all of your favorite dad spaces across the web have joined together–kind of like Voltron, but hairier–to celebrate Movember’s evolution into an extensive advocation for men’s health. Support is flowing in, but it’s never too late to add your flow to the wave!

Dad 2.0 is as committed as ever to support #MovemberDads, as Dad 2.0 co-founder John Pacini discussed on this week’s Houston’s Fox 26 segment:

The other pillar of our fundraising month is the Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund. You can donate to the fund until December 1, which is also the deadline for all scholarship applications. Send those to Scholarship Chair Jeff Bogle at scholarship [at] dad2summit [dot] com. Please note, you do not need to be a first-time attendee to receive a Miller Grant.

All this month, we’re featuring personal stories from the Miller Grant recipients of 2015. This week’s tale comes from Bill Peebles of ihopeiwinatoaster. Read his story, and then enter your own!


Danielle Paquette at The Washington Post’s Wonkblog reports that “52 percent of dads say they don’t get enough time with their kids.” We’re not sure how to quantify “enough.”

Sunday was Father’s Day in Sweden (glad fars dag Sverige!), and The Local has “Four fatherly facts about Sweden’s ‘equal’ dads.” YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE NUMBER FOUR! (That’s Internet speak for “we found the fourth fact to be especially interesting.”)

When Headlines Play Down Dads, All Parents Lose,” by KJ Dell’Antonia at Motherlode, confirms what we’ve all been thinking. Her article “More Research Suggests Fast-Food Advertising Works on Children” is pretty interesting, too.

Australia’s The Chronicle shares the story about a great men’s group that provides help and support for “dads of disabled kids.”


Darren Mattock at Becoming Dad shares his becoming dad story (at least the first part, anyway).

Berto S. at An Interdisciplinary Life writes of life and love in his piece, “Ramble.”

At Dads Round Table, David Stanley considers the consequences when people we trust are accused of doing very terrible things in “I Know a Pedophile.”

Dad Enough ponders “What the Future Holds” and the things we can do to make it better.

Henry Elliss, who pens the aptly named Fatherhood²|Henry’s Blog, writes about technology and kids in “Fatherhood: Going from Buddy to Bad Guy.”

And finally: November is also National Adoption Month, and this video from You Gotta Believe is, quite simply, fatherhood at its finest:

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