“Your heart will leave overflowing.”

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Editor’s Note: During the month of November, we’ll be featuring posts from last year’s Scholarship winners, who’ll discuss their first-time impressions of attending the Dad 2.0 Summit. Our third contributor is Justin Connors, writer/publisher of Life in 140.

There are some experiences in life that you just can’t quantify with a few words. I will, however, attempt.

Justin Connors

Justin Connors

From the moment I heard about the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, I knew it had to be something I needed to attend. In my everyday life, I am never surrounded by like-minded men, friends, or colleagues.

Every time I got a faint hope and glimmer that I wanted to attend, however, the crushing reality of finances slapped me back to my senses. It just wasn’t possible. In life, people that don’t have extra are often left in the dust when it comes to doing something for themselves. My wife and I are prime examples.

My heart ached to attend this conference, and you can imagine the hope I had when I found out that there would be Scholarships for those unable to pay the extra. I submitted my essay and tried not to think about it too much, because I didn’t want to be let down.

Not only did I get picked, but my essay also got chosen to be read as part of the Dad Blogger Spotlight series.

It’s safe to call Dad 2.0 one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met so many people I can now treat like lifelong friends. Unbreakable bonds were formed in that hotel, and it is an experience that I’ve measured every single day since. Being chosen as a Spotlight reader gave me an incredible confidence that I never had before in my work. It has allowed me to approach brands, and to get my content to the point where the brands have approached me. Since the conference, I have had the opportunity to work with companies like Hasbro, Netflix, Good Life Fitness, RBC Bank, and many more. I attribute this completely to Dad 2.0.

While all of the blogging success is great, the real value was in the friendships. Knowing there are other men and women that are so keen on involved fatherhood is what I needed. I often felt alone, like no one got me, and that I had no tribe. These people are my tribe, and it took a Miller Grant to get me there and find them. It is a debt I will never be able to repay. I don’t even think I can try.

If you have any hesitation to apply for a Miller Grant, I implore you to just do it. You have no idea how much your life and heart will change. Believe me, your heart will leave overflowing.