Fatherhood on Friday: Dove Doubles our Donation

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Welcome to December, when turkeys breathe a little easier, and upper lips feel the first sting of the freshly shorn season. That’s right: Another Movember may be officially over, but it ended with a another triumphant flourish, thanks to Dad 2.016 Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care. All 50 #MovemberDads were enjoying another strong and hairy showing when Dove Men+Care surprised the team and matched our total donations!

This is why we love working with this company, year in and year out. They were one of the first big brands to go all in for dads (that’s for you, Josh), and during the five years they’ve been with us, their support has been genuine, continuous, and substantial. For this, we raise our bottles of Dove Men+Care Shave Gel in a 21-Foam Salute.

We’re also grateful to returning National Media Sponsor Esquire, which has included us in the Style Agenda of its latest issue! Which is totally fitting, as our style is on point.


As reported by Fortune’s Kia “Like the Car” Kokalitcheva, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are now the proud parents of a baby girl named Maxima, and to celebrate they have announced that they will donate 99% of their Facebook shares (roughly $45 BILLION, with a B) to the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation committed to “advancing human potential and promoting equality.” Congrats and thank you, respectively.

What has 16 kids and makes wonderful music? The Piano Guys, a unique musical group made up of four dads that are a big hit on YouTube. According to CBS Sunday Morning, when big-time labels came calling, they resisted, fearing the contract’s demands on their lives as fathers. Because their families come first.


Creed Anthony, aka The Captain, gives us a moment of reflection in “If I’m Being Honest” on his blog, Tales From the Poop Deck.

Social Media is My Drug,” by Chris Bernholdt of DadNCharge, digs into the dark side of an online life.

The Daddy Files’ Aaron Gouveia takes a personal and passionate look at the recent Planned Parenthood mass shooting in “Make No Mistake, This Is A War On Women.”

Big Cheese Dad, aka Carl Wilke, recaps the world events and an enlightening conversation with his teenaged daughter in “Whatyadoing, Dad?

How kind are you? J. Parrish Lewis at Munky Mind challenges us all in “I dare you to be kinder than you’ve ever been.”

And finally: Our friends at Camp Kesem continue to do great work, providing camp experiences to kids navigating a parent’s cancer. Here is their new video, which is incredibly inspiring, and an invitation for you to #GiveKidsKesem:

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