Fatherhood on Friday: Welcome to America, Amazon Family!

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In keeping with the holiday season, this week was full of Tidings of Great Joy. And it seemed especially fitting that, during the week when we announced the 17 dads who were awarded Dad 2.016 scholarship grants in the name of Oren Miller, we heard great news about a change he championed: “Amazon Mom” has finally (and surprisingly quietly) become Amazon Family worldwide:

Oren wrote that post on February 18, 2013. And by a remarkably fortuitous confluence of events, we’ll be meeting for our fifth Dad 2.0 Summit, an hour from Oren’s home, on that post’s third anniversary.


We’re leading with Porchlights today because we’re about to announce the 2016 Dad Blogger Spotlights. We love the Spotlights every year, but the dad blogging community is getting so much bigger, the stuff they’re writing is so much better, that we need to up our came and create more forums for it. That’s why we announced for Dad 2.016 the inaugural Porchlight DadSLAM (not wrestling), an open mic event in front of a live audience. Things will be read. Things will be performed. Someone will probably show up in a turtleneck. All we can really expect is a healthy dose of Whatever, created by authors like these:


Emily Peck at The Huffington Post writes: “A Lot of Americans Support Paternity Leave and Companies Are Catching On.” We would also accept “catching up.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Leslie Mann reports that, all too often, birth fathers are missing from the world of adoption, and not by choice.

Does sperm size matter? According to Tech Insider’s Rebecca Harrington, a new study shows that “obese men’s sperm may be genetically different from lean men’s sperm.”

New Zealand “Cape Talk” speaks with dads about the lack of changing tables in shopping malls and the growing concern it is causing.

Babble’s Jamie Greene confirms that big boys do cry, and that the benefits are many.

Do you find yourself offending single dads with your small talk? The Huffington Post can help with “11 Things You Can Stop Telling Single Dads Now, Thank You Very Much.

Oxygen Media debuted a new family-focused docu-series this week called Finding My Father, that follows 16 young people connecting with their biological fathers for the first time. It looks amazing.

Some of our friends at NYC Dads Group had the opportunity to bust some tired dad stereotypes on HLNtv.com.

The Advocate shares this new online advertisement from Allstate featuring gay dads and their adoption journey as part of the “Here’s to Firsts” series:

That’s it for this week. Let’s have Rocket take us out with a trip to the dance floor with this amazing father and son duo:

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