LEGO Systems returns as Presenting Sponsor!

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Now that “Star Wars™: The Force Awakens” is only days away, and most of the planet is rapt with breathless anticipation, remember way back in February? When the premiere was still far, far away, and we were gathered in that magnificent auditorium at Lucasfilm headquarters? It was an extraordinary night, full of nostalgia, excitement, and selfies with droids. And it was all brought to us by our friends at LEGO Systems.

LEGO® bricks and Dad 2.0 have been interlocking regularly since we began, and each successive year, they somehow manage to build up the excitement. That’s why it’s such a distinct pleasure to announce that LEGO Systems is back for their fourth year with us, again as a Presenting Sponsor!

LEGO products are universal. They are the same, basic bricks you remember from your childhood, yet they are intricate and compelling enough to make you want to spend a big chunk of your life assembling a 3,449-piece Death Star. They’re the uniquely perfect, infinitely versatile toys that inspire creativity, help build motor skills, and make for hours of father-and-child bonding time.

And now that the LEGO team is back, we’ve got our own case of breathless anticipation for what they have planned for us.