Fatherhood on Friday: The force is the Force (of course, of course)

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This week has been a true force for good. (Or, a Force for good.) We were able to announce two Presenting Sponsors: LEGO Systems (back for its fourth conference!) and Meta Wellness. And, AND: If we had the same attendance goal this year as we did for Dad 2.015, we’d be Sold Out right now.

That’s right. Sales have already exceeded last year’s threshold, and now we’re running solely on ambition. Which we think is fine: If you remember the LEGO team’s trip to Lucasfilm HQ last year and are imagining what they’ll do this year to top it, you might want to get in on Dad 2.016 now, before we hit capacity.

There’s also this other matter about OMG STAR WARS. After what has seemed like a decade of breathless anticipation, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally, truly awakened. And you may have heard a little bit about it among the dad community. Straight off the top, on Monday night Charlie Capen and Andy Herald of “How To Be A Dad” experienced the movie’s world premiere, which was cool. But what really hit hyperspace was this video of Andy watching A New Hope with his 6-year-old son for the first time (and the 278 hyper-cute questions that ensued):

David Vienna of The Daddy Complex broke down the dark side of parenting with a hilarious graphic. We’re just going to link it, because spoilers.

Lunchbox Dad Beau Coffron got some well-deserved attention from HuffPo for his incredible Star Wars-themed lunches:

Speaking of lunch, Brent Almond at Designer Daddy created some pretty tasty Super Lunch Notes to honor this movie event:

The Dad 2.0 team was busy, too. Whit Honea (pictured below, coordinating nicely with BB-8) covered the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press junket for Fandango.

Not to be outdone, John Pacini showed a little Fett leg on the set of Fox 26 Houston:


Beth Greenfield at Yahoo Parenting asks: “Could a Powerful Woman Ever Post a Baby Pic Like Mark Zuckerberg’s?” John Pacini’s answer features prominently.

The ex-wife of Scott Weiland penned a on behalf of the late singer’s kids. It’s a tough read.

At FT Magazine, Simon Kuper looks at how differently millennial dads regard fatherhood than their Boomer and Gen-X counterparts in “How to be a 21st-century dad.”

Speaking of millennials, Pew Research Center reports that they are more confident in their parenting, feeling both “stricter” and “more loving.” The older dads (who might even get where this post’s title comes from) are thinking, “You just keep thinking that.”

Psychiatry Advisor reports on a study that finds teens separated from their dads after a divorce are more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Daily Mail shared this touching video of women telling “their fathers how they really feel about them.”


Simon at Man Vs. Pink reviewed The Force Awakens with “Bringing Gender Balance to the Force” about the new wave of Star Wars heroes.

Dave of DADventurer shares “Awakening My Childhood Star Wars Memories.”

The Dan in Dan a.k.a. Dad gives his take on Star Wars in “Jealousy, the Shadow of Greed.”

In other news, Dave Lesser from Amateur Idiot/Professional Dad explains  “How to Talk to Your Kids about Donald Trump.”

Darrell Milton of Modern Father Online answers the question: “Why Do Non-Christian Families Celebrate Christmas?”

And finally: What would the Christmas season be without a video from Dad 2.016 speaker Penn Holderness and the Holdnerness Family Singers? We don’t even want to think about it. Get #ELFED, and Happy Holidays!

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