The Lee Jeans Xtreme Team is back … this time as Official Sponsor!

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As Lee® Jeans returns for Round Three with us, it’s hard to imagine a Summit without hanging out in their suite, among all the apparel that’s become part of our daily wardrobe. And this year is more important than ever, because:

  • Lee has increased their investment in dads by signing on as an Official Sponsor for 2016 (up from Supporting in previous years); and
  • They’re using this year’s Summit as the official product launch for their new Lee Xtreme Comfort pants!

We’ve come to view the Lee team as old friends, and we love them for their strong blogger outreach program, their commitment to dad influencers, and their appreciation of content that aligns with our blogs and our lives.

And while you’ll once again be able to try on (and take home) more of their excellent product line, Lee wants our help, with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to make this Xtreme Comfort launch a huge success. Stay tuned for details on how we’re going to deliver exactly that.

Welcome back, Lee! We’re looking forward to seeing all the great facets of your third consecutive Denim Den!