Best Buy returns, with a Spectacular Drone Excursion!

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Straight up, Best Buy is just a great brand to work with. Setting aside all the cool tech products they sell and support, they love dads. They came to Dad 2.015 with their Best Buy Blogger Network and brought a lot of dads onto the team. Men play an important role in their strategy, and they work hard to create the interesting experiences that inspire the best content.

So when Best Buy signed on as an Official Sponsor again this year, we droned on and on about how great it was to have them back.

It seems they took that literally.

When you make your travel plans to DC, try to get here in time for some fun on the farm. Because Best Buy will host 50 bloggers in the Virginia countryside to capture amazing aerial shots with the 3DR Solo smart drone and 360Fly action camera! Attendees will leave at noon, arrive onsite for demonstrations, enjoy a lunch of delicious barbecue, and get the chance to fly a drone on our own (and create our own videos). And we’ll all be back by around 4pm, well before the Welcome Party at the Mandarin.

And here’s the very best part: One lucky pilot will win their own Aviator Kit, which includes the 3DR Solo drone, a GoPro, and accessories–a package worth over $2,000!

Attendance is limited, so if you’re down for this amazing and unique experience, sign up hereAnd get ready for a truly remarkable weekend of dazzle and opportunity from our pals at Best Buy!