Five years, five sellouts!

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We had a feeling this was going to happen as soon as we announced the details of our Friday “Night at the Museum” event with LEGO Systems. And that feeling has became reality: the Dad 2.0 Summit is officially sold out, for the fifth time in five years!

If you didn’t grab your ticket in time and are still hoping to add Dad 2.016 to your professional calendar, hold that thought. There may still be a few tickets available secondarily, and we’ll do what we can to help those poor, wayward tickets find good homes. Please stay tuned to this space, follow us, Like us, and/or subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

This is a big deal for us. Last year, we set a goal to grow to 400 attendees, and to attract them to a cold-weather, East Coast venue in the middle of February. And you made it happen! We’re grateful for your continued commitment to us, and we’re working hard to make sure Summit V is the best yet.

A note about tickets

If you’re trying to sell a ticket, you have three weeks to find a buyer. Please note, however, that the last day to transfer a ticket officially is tomorrow; after that, your buyer will still be admitted to the conference, but s/he’ll receive a generic lanyard badge.