Announcing our 2016 Beltway Breakouts!

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This is one of our favorite announcements of the year. It’s been gestating for months, since we announced our Call For Speakers and Ideas last fall, and now it feels like we just had nonuplets!

(Admittedly, we probably don’t have even the slightest frame of reference for that.)

Appetite For The App
Building your readership means diversifying your efforts to maximize reach. But as the string of platform logos in your signature line expands, the need to unify them for the sake of an intuitive customer interface looms large. Our panelists will discuss how they turned to the app as a hub that synthesizes all their content in one easy-access point for their end-users, and lets them take it anywhere. Their only regret is not having done it sooner.
Moderator: Titania Jordan
Panelists: Demetrio Cuzzocrea, Ryan Hamilton, Jill Krause, Andrea Nair

Beyond Your Blog: There’s Always Room For A Second Act
A career in blogging is a mercurial endeavor, and no one stays in one place very long. If you’ve worked hard to establish your brand as a parent blogger, what happens when you get the itch to move on to something new? Dad blogging is reaching an inflection point, as our kids age and our interests and opportunities expand. Members of this panel have all rebooted and thrived, proving there isn’t much distance between reimagining and reinvention.
Moderator: Adrian Kulp
Panelists: Heather Armstrong, Jeff Bogle, Asha Dornfest

Major Dad: How Military Life Shapes and Challenges Our Parenting
The order and discipline of military life can be a useful template for the experience of parenting, in part because it breeds an appreciation for its inherent sacrifice. And the shared experience gives veterans a strong sense of purpose our children absorb. But the sacrifice of service, and the brutality of combat, inflict losses that cannot be recovered. These panelists will discuss how they have reconciled these profound influences—as people, as parents, and as proud providers of the common defense.
Moderator: Michael Moebes
Panelists: Armin Brott, Seth Goldstein, Chris Haynie, Jeannette Haynie

Mastering the Moving Image
Video content, whether painstakingly produced or live and improvised, is taking hold as a versatile and lucrative medium. Our panelists have built very large followings for their moving imagery on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Periscope, and they’ll discuss the merits and pitfalls of each. Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s reinventing how we make our livings and engage our fans.
Moderator: Charlie Capen
Panelists: Randall Chase, Matt Clarke, Penn Holderness, Stewart Reynolds

Parenting and the Modern African-American Man
Being a father of color challenges men in ways that the rest of American culture is only just starting to appreciate. Often maligned and marginalized by stereotypes that are statistically disprovable, African-American men cope with social roadblocks and disturbing headlines that perpetuate a cycle of disconnected fathers and rudderless sons. Our panelists are working to break that cycle, both through the simple act of active parenthood, and by the activism that wants 2016 to bear as little resemblance as possible to 1966.
Moderator: Dee Lanier
Panelists: Darren Carter, Christopher Persley, Nathaniel Turner, Naeem Khari Turner-Bandele

Secrets of Public Relations … Revealed!
The key to any successful business pitch is an appreciation of the goals and imperatives of the person across the table. Our panelists, all of whom are veteran architects of blogger-based campaigns, give and receive these pitches all the time, and they’ll describe a day in the life of a public relations professional. They’ll also share the aspects of pitches that catch their eye, and that make them want to seek you out for further work.
Moderator: Beau Coffron
Panelists: Justin Aclin, Barbara Jones, Jim Lin

The Signal and the Noise: Standing Out From The Crowd
To the aspiring professional blogger, building a following is as important as ever in brand relations. In an ever-crowding universe of individual publishing platforms, however, distinguishing your particular voice among the millions is as much of an art form as the art itself. Our panelists confront this challenge constantly, as both creators and strategists, and they’ll share how their success derives as much from creating unique content as from understanding the science of online promotion.
Moderator: Dan Kois
Panelists: Rob Ainbinder, Simon Isaacs, John Kinnear, Benji Travis

The State of Shared Parenting: So Much Done, So Much More To Do
Messaging in popular culture has graduated from embarrassing to inspiring, and more companies than ever offer paid paternity leave. But there is still one crucial missing piece: most corporate policies don’t recognize men and women as equal partners who struggle to integrate their professional and parental lives. Gender stereotypes have faded slightly, but a revolutionary cultural shift, focused on parenting as an evenly shared responsibility, will be required to eradicate them entirely, and create opportunities for all parents to live more equitable lives at work and at home.
Moderator: Brigid Schulte
Panelists: Julia Beck, Josh Levs, Guy Raz, Chris Routly

Striking Back: The Galvanizing Effect of Battling Cancer
Treatment for cancer involves tearing down the body and rebuilding, to which each of our panelists can attest, both physically and metaphorically. Because as devastating as the disease is, an astonishing amount of social good has arisen to honor those it has taken. Ranging from the global phenomenon of Movember, to the abundance of Camp Kesem sites, to the 19 Miller Grants that were awarded this year, these efforts remind all of us of the power of human connection.
Moderator: Jim Higley
Panelists: Beth Blauer, Carter Gaddis, Mark Hedstrom