Fatherhood on Friday: Forging Through a Frenetic Fortnight

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Two weeks until Dad 2.016, and we’re ready to go! (Noting of course, that when we say “ready,” we mean “mostly ready.” And when we say “go,” we mean “fall over.”) It’s an adrenaline rush like no other, these last days of organizing, and dotting t’s and crossing i’s, and then realizing that’s wrong and reversing it. Details are coming together marvelously, and we can’t wait for you to get here!

We may only be hanging on to the outside world by a Facebook thread, but it’s worth it. We’ve already announced our final round of speakers, our breakout sessions, and our fifth sell-out in five years, and there’s a lot more to come!

No matter how busy we are, however, we know the news waits for no man. So let’s not wait any more, shall we?


Looking for some seasonal cuteness? The Telegraph has an adorable story of a proud dad teaching his toddler to snowboard.

Can’t get time off for the birth of your child? NBC tells us about an Army dad stationed 6,500 miles away in South Korea who used FaceTime to watch the birth of his quadruplets.

Dad 2.016 speaker Brigid Schulte shares her opinion in the Boston Globe, suggesting that “Military Parental Leave Policy Creates More Problems Than It Fixes.”

Barbie isn’t the only one getting a makeover. Today gives us a gander at the new “Dadbod” Ken.

We have, each of us, been affected by cancer, and while the shadows and scars of the relentless disease reach seemingly forever, there is hope. Carter Gaddis showcases those that have taken a stand against cancer at Dads 4 Change.

We’re also thinking about comedian Chris Elliott, whose father Bob (half of the legendary radio duo of Bob and Ray) died earlier this week:

Bob Elliott and Chris Elliott

Photos via Twitter user @dfeingoldphoto


Looking to spend some quality time with your baby? Today Parents introduces us to dad Eric Bruce, who spent a year with his infant making Dubsmash videos, and the results lip-sync for themselves:

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