Announcing our 2016 Roundtable Workshops! [UPDATED]

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Here is the list of the 13 Roundtable Workshops and their moderators for Dad 2.016!

For the uninitiated, these workshops will take place Friday afternoon, from 3:30 to 5:00, at the tables in the Dove Men+Care Main Ballroom. There will be four 20-minute sessions (plus 10 minutes of transition time), and you can decide which sessions to attend, in any order you want. If you choose four different workshops, you have a total of 715 different edifying combinations to choose from!

[EDITED TO ADD: We have added a 14th Workshop, “Growing an Audience on YouTube – the 10 Pillars of YouTube Channel Development.” So when we said you have 715 combinations, you actually have 1,001. Sorry about that.]
 Book Publishing  David Vienna
 Brand Relations and Ambassadorships  Colby Shipwash
 Building Your Follower Base  Greg Washington
 Building Your Website  Seth Burleigh
 A CSR Approach to Safety Education  Scott McKee & Doug Herbert
 Engaging the Modern Family  Andy Miller & Brian Stephens
 Growing An Audience on YouTube  Ellie Hinken
 How To Pitch Brands  Matt Schneider
 Organizing Family Finances  Matt Becker
 Photography Editing  Trevor Mulligan
 Podcasting  Don Jackson & Christopher Lewis
 Smart Devices, Modern Homes, and the Internet of Things  Bill Alderson
 Social Media As A Career  Amy Windsor
 Write For Others, and Stay True to You  Aaron Gouveia