Dove Men+Care wants your #RealStrength moments

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As the confetti settles on Super Bowl 50 (congratulations, Broncos!), Dove Men+Care’s #RealStrength Highlight Reels with Carson Palmer and Jordy Nelson have been viewed over a million times each on YouTube alone! They’ve also been featured in several diverse, major media outlets, including Bleacher Report, The Washington Post, ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo! Parenting, PBS, to name just a few.
To celebrate, Dove Men+Care wants to feature real dads sharing our #RealStrength Highlight Reel moments on the @DoveMenCare Twitter feed! The activity can be almost anything, such as teaching your child to read, or helping them apply to college.

To participate, please send one sentence about your favorite Dad Moment, along with a hi-res image of you with your family, to Sarah.Lahne@edelman.comand tweet them out using the hashtag #RealStrength. Dove Men+Care will create a customized Highlight Reel moment for you and share it on the DM+C Twitter handle over the course of the next few weeks!