Announcing our newest Supporting Sponsor, hello products!

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We love hello products because they want to help us help our kids take care of their teeth. And hello’s oral-care products are safe, effective, naturally friendly (without triclosan, dyes, or artificial sweeteners), and delicious, so that kids will want to remember to brush.

The people at hello are looking to meet with you, and to create a panel of blogger experts whom they can work with throughout the year. From our interactions with them so far, we can tell they want to make their online content whimsical, fun, and engaging. And they want dad bloggers to be a big part of it.

Have a look at the online fun they’re having on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And when you get to Dad 2.016, be sure to stop by the hello products booth to try out their sample products. They’ll also have some opportunities to create video content, and to win prize packages that will keep your kids using hello for months!