YouTube brings its video expertise to Dad 2.016!

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Our sponsor family always seems to work out as a perfect mix of multi-year repeaters and eager first-timers. And if you’re looking to build out your YouTube channel, there’s no better source than the Source itself. That’s why we’re excited to announce that YouTube is sponsoring the Dad 2.0 Summit for the first time this year!

During our Roundtable Workshop program on Friday afternoon, Ellie Hinken from the YouTube Audience Development team will be leading a discussion on “Growing an Audience on YouTube: the 10 Pillars of YouTube Channel Development.”

​We’re also grateful to YouTube for connecting us to ​Dad Vlogger​ extraordinaire Benji Travis, of ItsJudyTime and ​BenjiManTV. He will share the inside scoop on creating consistent and engaging content across all your social channels, with a special focus on video marketing and vlogging, as part of the The Signal and the Noise: Standing Out From The Crowd panel.

The YouTube Kids team will be with us in DC, so be sure to say hi if you have questions or feedback on the app (free, available on Google Play or iTunes). You can also connect with them at