Meet the Sponsors, and Hashtag like it’s 2016

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If you’re looking to give our sponsors some social media love, it’s important to use the official #dad2summit hashtag in addition to the respective hashtags dedicated to each sponsor of Dad 2.016. As in, completely important. Hashtags measure engagement, hashtags identify you as a supporter, and hashtags make the social media world go round.

Say no to outboarding

What you’re about to read is the complete, comprehensive, finite list of the 26 brands and organizations that are officially supporting the 2016 Dad 2.0 Summit. If a representative of a name not on this list offers you some swag or a free meal, they’re not with us! Worse, they could be trying to outboard the conference. (This is strictly forbidden, and you can read more about it here.) If you see something, support the community and say something.

So once again, for emphasis:

Use it early, and often. And furthermore, here is the final, finite, these-and-only-these list of all of the Dad 2.016 sponsors and how to engage with them on Twitter:

Dove Men+Care #RealStrength @DoveMenCare
Kia Motors #KIADAD @KIA
Meta #Heart2Heart @MetaHealth
Best Buy #BestDads @BestBuy
Lee Jeans #LeeEdge @LeeJeans
hello products #BrushtimeConfessions @helloproducts
Rheem #RheemReady @RheemComfort
Domain.ME #MentorME @DomainME
Kidde Fire Safety #StepUpStandOut @KiddeSafety
MemoryWeb #Dad2MemoryWeb @MemoryWeb
Nickelodeon #NickDad @NickelodeonTV
Responsibility[dot]org #Responsibility @GoFAAR
Restonic Mattress #DADrest @RestonicBeds
SmartyPants Vitamins #SmartyDad @SmartyHealth
YouTube  #YouTubeDads @YouTube
Embassy Suites @EmbassySuites
General Mills @GeneralMills
Hashtracking @Hashtracking
Smack Apparel @SmackApparel
Esquire @Esquire
City Dads Group @CityDadsGroup
Fatherly @FatherlyHQ
Life of Dad @LifeOfDadShow
Camp Kesem @CampKesem
National At-Home Dad Network @HomeDadNet


Two years ago in New Orleans, the #dad2summit hashtag garnered 82 million impressions and briefly out-trended #SuperBowl on Super Bowl Weekend. Last year in San Francisco, we broke through the nine-digit mark and reached a whopping 106.7 million impressions! We’re expecting big things in Washington DC, and we need your help. Hashtag like you mean it!