MemoryWeb is our record 20th sponsor of Dad 2.016!

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We love the origin story of MemoryWeb, because it’s literally a Mom-and-Pop organization. Two parents and their friend wanted to build an app that organizes and manages all your digital and print photos safely and effortlessly, and the result was MemoryWeb, which makes finding, uploading, tagging, sorting, sharing, grouping, and exploring your photos easier than ever!

Now that the app is available in the iTunes store, Dad 2.016 is MemoryWeb’s official coming out party! And they want to celebrate by setting up a “Dad 2.0 Summit 2016” photo album as a hub for lots of the conference’s photographical shenanigans. You can stop by their booth and pose (with some props and backgrounds, naturally) or contribute a photo to be added, by tweeting with the hashtag #Dad2MemoryWeb.

Everyone who downloads the app will be entered into a prize drawing for an iPad Pro! (And don’t worry, Android users: even though the app is only on iOS for now, MemoryWeb will upload your photos as well, and there are multiple other ways for you to be eligible to win.)

Once you see all the amazing tools Memory Web has (you can read more here), you’ll see why there’s such an amazing groundswell behind it. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and when they get enormously popular and take over the world of digital imagery, you’ll know where you saw them first!