What to pack for Dad 2.016

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What to Pack for Dad 2.0

You’ve heard a lot this week about what we want you to take away from this year’s Dad 2.0 Summit. And no, we don’t mean swag (we’ll get to that), but rather those sweet and savory morsels of content and conversation that stay with you long after you’re back to life, back to reality.

This post, however, is about what to bring with you.


First, consider the weather. Then:

  • For the conference: For the most part, our event is business casual. A lot of people are coming to conduct business, and it never hurts to look the part. Most of the attendees wear the standard slacks or a nice pair of jeans with a collared shirt. Maybe a sports coat. You might see a tie or two. You might see a few t-shirts.
  • For working outDove Men+Care is providing a #RealStrength fitness session on Friday morning, and plenty of intrepid early risers will hit the National Mall for a morning jog. Bring a pair of sneakers, workout clothes, and a laundry bag to keep them in after you’ve used them.
  • For the nightlife: When you’re stepping out after hours, do as you do. Warmly.


You’ll likely have your smartphone/tablet/laptop with you at all times, because the shareable, quotable, and all-together hashtaggable [#dad2summit] opportunities will be everywhere—whether inspiration or celebration, the moments are amazing and the world deserves to know [#dad2summit]. Don’t forget your chargers and cords and [#dad2summit]!


Business cards aren’t just for winning a free lunch, they’re also for making impressions, sharing information, and cementing relationships that could lead to the next big thing in your blogging life. And whether you work analog or digital, you’ll want to take lots of notes.


Just because we read your blog doesn’t mean we can vouch for you at the bar, with TSA, or the NSA for that matter. Have your legal ID with you; you’ll need it to check into the conference.

Swag space

There will be opportunities to take home a product or two from our very generous sponsors, not to mention any souvenirs you may purchase. Bring a bigger bag than you need.

This list is a good starting point, but we’re open to other suggestions. If you have any please leave them in the comments. Travel safe, and we’ll see you on Thursday!