Breakout Session One: The Signal and the Noise: Standing Out From the Crowd

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Welcome to the Dad 2.016 Summit Live Blog. This is the live-blog session for The Signal and the Noise: Standing Out From the Crowd.

The topic: To the aspiring professional blogger, building a following is as important as ever in brand relations. In an ever-crowding universe of individual publishing platforms, however, distinguishing your particular voice among the millions is as much an art form as the art itself. Our panelists confront this challenge constantly, as both creators and strategists, and they’ll share how their success delivers as much from creating unique content as from understanding the science of online platform.

Moderator: John Kinnear (@AskDadBlog)

The panel members:

Simon Isaacs (@fatherlyhq) – founder of

Rob Ainbinder (@robainbinder) – blogger and SEO expert

Benji Travis (@BenjiManTV) – YouTube personality and co-creator of It’s Judy Time

Simon: Starting was about creating a place parents wanted to go.  It was most important to them to surround themselves with people they wanted to have relationships with.

Benji: Wasn’t sure wife’s YouTube ambition would ever become anything. Wife started by teaching ladies how to apply makeup. Once she started getting make up for free he saw the potential. Benji compares social media to the green lines from the Matrix and says it’s all about learning how to read the lines of information. Says stay true to who you are when creating a brand on social media, even if that means changing you direction. Follow you passion

Rob: Creators will never outsmart search engines, but need to be focused on analytics. Creators can find their unique voice through content marketing (SEO).

John: There are two kind of “likes” when people like a page on social media. Calls his theory the Coca Cola like. #1, where a fan likes the page, not because they like the content on the page, but because they want a Coke. #2, where fans like the content on Coca Cola’s page…..investing money in what your fans like.

Benji: Focus on content that is going to get your page to rank in search queries.

Simon: Don’t create content that is already out there. If you’re going to create, be creative. Make data part of the conversation, but don’t make THE conversation.

Benji: People use different platforms for different reasons. Be respectful for the platforms. What works on YouTube won’t work on Facebook. Take the time to figure out what works for each platform.

Simon: Focus on putting out quality content. Facebook may try and bury your links, but quality content wins out in the end. People will see it.

John: Give Facebook what it wants. Don’t ever post a link in the comments when sharing you content; post it directly on the page so Facebook can push it out and share it.

Simon: Always consider the emotions of your audience. At Fatherly they always consider the emotional state of the audience and why the share the content they share.

Rob: Consider how you get your message out. Does your content answer the questions your audience has, and can you answer it in 300 word, or does your answer require 900 words.

John: SEO isn’t what matters when it comes to be a parent blogger. No one is going to Google to find parenting advice. People are going to Facebook and Twitter to find those blogs.

Benji: The secret to growing your audience might not be in the platform you’re most comfortable with. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and growing your presence on other platforms

John: Utilize the Ad Manager on Facebook. Create re-targeting pixel when boosting your posts.

Simon: Takeaway – Create relationships with other creators to share each other’s content.

Rob: Takeaway – Go back to why you started creating and connect to your audience.

Benji: Takeaway – The quality of your audience is much more important than the amount. A creator can be much more successful with a small niche audience than with millions of followers and content that is all over the place.

John: Takeaway – spend on Facebook to boost your post, but spend wisely.