Fatherhood on Friday: Embracing the Fatherlode

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As our team wraps up Dad 2.0 Summit for another year, we have lots of announcements planned for next week. Did you win the Amazon Echo for completing the Dad 2.016 Sponsor Tweet Cycle? Are the photos and Live Lounge videos ready for viewing? Did you win a free ticket to Dad 2.0 Summit 2017 just for answering our post-conference survey? And just where in San Diego’s vast, balmy metroplex will Dad 2.017 be held? All this (and another opportunity to buy super-cheap Dad 2.017 tickets) will be revealed next week.

We’re also very glad to see that, after eight years, the New York Times is retiring the “Motherlode” name and re-branding its expanded parenting coverage as “Well Family.” in order to embrace a broader, gender-neutral discussion of raising children.

This week marked the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, who, while not a father himself, is arguably responsible for more moments of shared reading (and bonding) between parent and child than any other writer. We think that’s worthy of a Fatherhood on Friday mention.

Speaking of writers, Dad 2.016 opening keynoter and our new (best?) friend Brad Meltzer did something awesome this week:


Tina Fey has dedicated her new film, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, to her late father, who served in Korea. Entertainment Weekly also reports that Fey opened a scholarship in her father’s name at Temple University for returning vets that wish to study journalism as he did.

Kelly Clarkson‘s absentee dad has given her a deep appreciation for the bond her husband shares with their child. Her experience also gave us this:

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian men remain unwilling to ask for paternity leave without assurances that there won’t be any professional repercussions.

What happened when Rosie Writes wrote honestly about dads? “Doofus Dad” left the building, and it was awesome.

Niel Vuolo writes at NYC Dads Group that it may be time for NY Mets v. Paternity Leave II (starring Jacob deGrom as Dad)! Let’s hope the sequel is better.

The Philly Voice’s Garron Gibbs has 15 crazy, silly, and downright awesome pieces of advice for dads-to-be. Print it out.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has managed to keep his “cool dad” status with an Academy Awards performance—and frankly, if it was ever in doubt what does that say about the rest of us?

Shaun White says the memory from his career that means the most is that of his dad crying, because “dad tears really get you.”


We started with reading, and we’ll end with it, too. Dad 2.016 Spotlight reader Mike Reynolds has added an interactive element:

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