Fatherhood on Friday: Relive Dad 2.016 in televisual form!

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Now that Dad 2.016 is almost three weeks gone (and as we gear up to announce the venue for Dad 2.017 and launch another 48-hour ticket sale), we’ve been releasing all the televisual evidence we have to help you relive the fun.


You can check out Set 1 and Set 2 of pictures, and this year we’ve archived all the interviews from the Esquire Live Lounge, where speakers, sponsors, and other attendees spend a few minutes streaming their story to the world. This year, it was once again quite splendidly hosted by our friends Jason Kravits and Jim Higley, and the videos are now available for your viewing pleasure.


Some kids count sheep to fall asleep, but Dylan and George Bonney count parsecs. Their dad David turned their bedroom into the inside of the Millennium Falcon and won parenting.

Did you see the photo (below) of a dad saving his kid from a flying baseball bat? The Washington Post has their story. It involves “dad mode.”

For International Women’s Day, Dad 2.016 speaker Brigid Schulte writes that parity will require rethinking men’s roles at work and home.

The Rocket Man has some pretty good thoughts on keeping his kids grounded. The New York Post writes that Elton John is a model father.

The Guardian’s Matthew Beard asks: “Where do men look for help on becoming and being fathers?” We have some ideas.

Four years after it was removed, the NHS has reinstated the word “dad” to its pregnancy handbook.

On Huffington Post, Melanie Höglind writes how her father’s influence taught her how to be a better wife.



Everyone loves a good birthday present, but this dad got something really amazing that he’ll never forget:

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