Fatherhood on Friday: Rock and Roll All Night, and Parent Every Day

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It’s March, and suddenly we are knee-deep in a confluence of March Madness, Spring Break, Super Tuesdays, and Daylight Savings Time. And anyone with tweens knows the time change has us doing everything but springing forward. And there has been a lot of talk about the candor of this post, from a new dad who has found the life of a stay-at-home parent more challenging than he anticipated.

Fortunately. we have images like this one from Alan Lawrence of That Dad Blog to remind us that dads are the luckiest:

Fatherhood remains in the public eye because of the wide and variegated spectrum of stories that men and women in this community continue to share. And the more dads are involved in frank discussions of parenting, the more acceptance dads gain as capable parents. Keep up the great work! Your bracket may not survive the weekend, but your hard work promoting modern fatherhood is going all the way. There’s nothing mad about it.


Adam LaRoche of the Chicago White Sox has picked summer with his son over a $13 million season. What do you think about the team’s request to limit the time LaRoche’s son could spend in the clubhouse and his subsequent reaction to it?

Will New Zealand offer two weeks of paid paternity leave for new dads? Support is growing.

Data is coming in that supports what we already know, kids need dads in their lives, and states lawmakers are noticing.

Florida’s governor is considering a bill that resets the default to equal parental time-sharing in divorce cases.

The Washington Post suggests that parents can help their kids succeed in school by making sure they clean out their backpacks. We’re pretty sure it will help their backs, too.

A number of parent bloggers joined Michelle Obama at the White House this week as part of the #LetsMove campaign. Brent Almond (Designer Daddy) and Mike Johnson (Playground Dad) were among the lucky participants.


Are you using Pinterest? According to Mashable, searches for baby showers for dad increased 149% in 2015, and those for co-ed baby showers were up by 255%!

Salon has a word of advice for anyone that had become estranged from their parent—don’t wait for illness to reconcile.

Real Men Read UAE is encouraging dads to be role models and to read to their children.

Oscar-winners are just like us! Eddie Redmayne expressed his excitement on becoming a father: “I can’t wait. I’ll be a hands-on dad.”


Parents, do you ever feel like you could use a little extra help in the rock department? KISS is here to help:

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