Fatherhood on Friday: Dearly beloved

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This week, we’ll start with Prince, because so many things did.

Prince passed away yesterday at the age of 57. He was a singular artist, unmatched in talent and showmanship, providing a soundtrack to our lives that has been playing for decades. His relationship with his father, jazz musician John L. Rogers, was complex but ultimately cordial and collaborative. He suffered tragedies as a parent that helped dissolve his first marriage. And he was a positive force in reshaping the perceptions of masculinity and inspiring discussions surrounding the modern man. Prince was an amazing person who did amazing things, and we are diminished by his death.

Today is Earth Day, and chances are your children are doing something at school to celebrate it. We hope you’ll discuss it at home, too. Our kids are the generation that may have to save this marble, and every little bit helps.


Have you ever wondered why your teenager acts like . . . a teenager? NPR explains “Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-prone and Should Protect Their Brains.”

Carter Gaddis attended the White House Council on Women and Girls event, where he interviewed one of the event speakers, Charlie Capen of How To Be A Dad (see Charlie’s personal takeaway in the Porchlight Posts below). He also wrote a piece titled “Gender Stereotypes Limit Boys as Well as Girls.”

The Nation’s Bryce Covert writes that “Women Won’t Have Equality Until Dads Stay Home.” The accompanying graphic (designed by Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn) breaks it down:

Starting May 1, Twitter will offer up to 20 weeks of gender-neutral, fully paid parental leave. We would love to see that start trending.

When Canada unveils changes to parental leave rules, will there be provisions dedicated exclusively to new dads? According to The Star, it could happen.

Dear Vogue, the “dad hat” is not a thing. Please stop it.

Chances are you’ve seen these wonderful illustrations on fatherhood from Ukrainian artist Snezhana Soosh making their way around social media, but if you haven’t, you should.


As you know, the Dad 2.0 Summit community is a strong and vocal proponent of the power and importance of mentorship. Needless to say, this new spot featuring President Barack Obama and NBA superstar Stephen Curry makes us very happy:

See you next week, reporting from the 2016 Mom 2.0 Summit in Dana Point, California! Our colleagues have spent the last couple of weeks announcing their outstanding programming and sponsorships, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the theme of the post-Iris Awards dance party were “Put Down Your Phone and Get Your Party On.”

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