Fatherhood on Friday: Mother’s Day Edition

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This week, motherhood is on our mind, and not just because we’re still coming down from the 2016 Mom 2.0 Summit (whose spectacular opening party is depicted below):

On Sunday, we’re looking forward to honor our partners (who made us fathers), our siblings (who made us uncles), our friends (who made us better parents) … and our moms (who made us, period). We’re also remembering the moms who are no longer with us with the words of seven-year-old Alice Oswalt (daughter of Patton Oswalt), whose mom, Michelle McNamara, died suddenly in her sleep on April 21:

“When your mom dies, you’re the best memory of her. Everything you do is a memory of her.”

Alice Oswalt gets motherhood in a way that we wish she never had to, but her words are true for all of us. And this Sunday, we hope you take the opportunity to do as J.K. Simmons recommended in his Oscar acceptance speech: Call your mom.


A 2013 study cited by the Jackson Free Press shows that black dads engage with their kids at statistically similar rates as do white and Latino dads, stereotypes be damned.

According to one published estimate, the number of stay-at-home dads is declining, but a greater percentage are staying home by choice.

Like building stuff for your kids? Like being green? Then why haven’t you built a solar-powered go-kart for your children like this Australian dad?

The Telegraph’s travel section points out that men need to seize the chance to practice our parenting skills in the real world. Make sure to post it to Instagram.

Are millennial dads (who apparently enjoy shopping with their kids more than other demographics) the future of retail? Mallory Schlossberg of Business Insider thinks so.

Canadian families have 35 weeks of parental leave; are 26 more (with some available only to dads) to come?

The “dadchelor party” is a thing, and it looks like it is spreading globally. We’re not convinced this is progress.

Friend of Dad 2.0 Jason Greene appeared on a special Mother’s Day edition of KidLit TV’s StoryMakers with children’s author Josh Funk and host Rocco Staino to become breakfast makers, which is basically a story you eat:


Our friends at BuzzFeed Parents made a fun video with dads trying to make Pinterest crafts for Mother’s Day that features pillars of the Dad 2.0 community Charlie Capen and David Vienna. Don’t worry, it’s not some stereotypical “dads can’t craft” thing so much as it’s a “nobody can actually make things the way they look on Pinterest” thing, and that hits home with all of us.

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