Fatherhood On Friday: Special Snapchat Edition

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Happy Friday the 13th! We’re not much for triskaidekaphobia, but we are taking this particular opportunity to defy superstition and set out into a foreign, spooky world:

We here at Dad 2.0 DadQuarters are quick to embrace the new, the fandangled, and the assorted whatnots of social media. We’re fans. We’re believers. We set the occasional trend. And now, thanks to the “Snapchat for Influencers” e-book by our friends Amy Bellgardt and Jessi Sanfilippo, we’re learning a ton about Snapchat. For example, today we learned that the Snapchat logo isn’t some guy in a bowler hat, or Shrek wearing a sheet. Who knew?

Snapchat is interesting and unique, since it emphasizes a short-term sharing of experience rather than the long-term diarying of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can’t linger in nostalgia if the thing you make evaporates minutes right after you publish. We’ll be playing with it for a while (find us at /dad2summit), and we look forward to becoming fluent with it just in time for our kids to find something even more ephemeral.


Earlier today, Disney’s Instagram account shared our friend Brent Almond’s Super Notes for Team Tony and Team Cap! It’s a shame these things have to get eaten.

The Good Men Project’s Frank Priegue takes a look at the modern parenting lament in “Our New Social Media Babies—and the New Realities of Oversharing.” Did we mention we’re on Snapchat?

Huffington Post reports that Nike is the latest company to improve their policy on parental leave, stating that “fathers, adoptive parents and employees with sick family members … can now take up to eight weeks of paid leave.”

The Czech government approved a one-week paternity leave, according to The Prague Daily Monitor, continuing with “thanks to which fathers will be able to stay with their new-born baby at home for a week as the support for families is vital.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, America is entering a “New frontier in paid parental leave: Dads get as much time off as moms.”

This week Ryan Gosling shared his take on new fatherhood with People, so naturally we did this:


Is bribing your kids to read a parenting weakness and, apparently, the end of society as we know it? The SunSentinel has more.

What time do your kids go to bed? Slate presents “In Defense of Absurdly Early Bedtime.

The New York Times’ Philip Galanes brings us an interesting and entertaining interview with “Barack Obama and Bryan Cranston on the Roles of a Lifetime.”

Our friends at Fatherly presented their study on best places for new dads to work in 2016:



We’ve all reacted to our children in a way that we later (or immediately) regret. Christian Lee at Plaid Dad Blog shares his moment in a video post called “I’m a Complete Fraud as a Father and a Bad Dad.

Greg Cohoon, aka Knitting Daddy, recently took the needles to the diamond—and there’s a great cause—in “Stitch N’ Pitch: 2016 Durham Bulls Edition.”

Knitting at the @durhambulls ballgame. As one does. #StarWarsNight #StitchAndPitch #DurhamBulls

A photo posted by Greg Cohoon (@knittingdaddy) on

The Daddysphere’s Ross considers the oxymoron, and asks “Are We Robbing Our Children of Their Childhood?

Henry Elliss at Fatherhood² | Henry’s Blog, discusses new chapters in “Fatherhood: First Day Nerves—Parental Empathy.”

Mike Reynolds at Puzzling Posts highlights a photographic series by Kirsten McGoey called #aboycantoo in “The Much Needed Profiling of Boys Who Dance and Wear Dresses, and we’ll leave you with this montage:

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