Fatherhood on Friday: Dads, Grads, and Ads

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Remember when “celebrating Dads & Grads” was a thing? And it was customary to think about dads only during those few weeks of Diploma Season? A lot has changed over the past few years, and now we know that anyone pitching “Dads and Grads” to an influencer is using an outdated playbook.

Doyin Richards

Doyin Richards in his popular new Microsoft ad. It’s probably on your TV right now!

Since Father’s Day (June 19) is less than a month away, we’re getting ready for the spike in advertising and news featuring the wonders of dad from countless brands and across several platforms. And the place that publishes regular looks at modern fatherhood and marketing, regardless of the calendar, is the XY Media Group blog. The latest post features a well-deserved tip of the dad hat to the meteoric rise of our friend Doyin Richards (above). Take a look!


Chances are if you’re using WebMD you’re worried enough, and here’s something new to stress about: More evidence that a dad’s age and habits may contribute to several health issues with their children.

Dad 2.0 alumnus Bryan Alkire shared “The Most Important Things I Learned After Becoming a Dad” on Redbook.

When Heather Whitten posted a photo of her husband holding their sick son in the shower, she couldn’t have expected the internet to show up, but it did.

Our friends at MenCare created this nice reminder (below) that “great fathers aren’t born, they’re made.” (And we’re excited about the release of its “State of America’s Fathers” report on June 14!)

Filmmaker Duncan Jones is busy with his new Warcraft movie, and he says he learned a lot about creativity from his dad, David Bowie.

Goodbye “overprotective dad.” Hello “dad who teaches his kids to make responsible decisions for themselves.”

John Legend isn’t having it. When Chrissy Teigen’s parenting choices were criticized, her husband John Legend said he should be held to the same standard. And he’s right.


In addition to the amazing work that creative fathers are sharing on their own blogs, a number of group websites and online magazines also feature works from the dad community. Today we’re going to showcase some of them in our Porchlight Posts:

Do you like lovely illustrations of caring dads doing sweet dad stuff? Click through the tweet to enjoy a look at the life and work of French artist Yannick Vicente:

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