Fatherhood on Friday: Memorial Day Edition

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, when we remember those who sacrificed everything in the service of our country. As we discussed during our “Major Dad: How Military Life Shapes and Challenges Our Parenting” panel at Dad 2.016, the inherent sacrifice of military service can be a useful template for the experiences of parenting. And the most admirable characteristic of the military parents we’ve met is their matter-of-fact approach to challenges. There is no drama associated with a difficult task. It gets done because it needs to get done, and then it’s on to the next thing. It’s a mindset from which so many aspects of parenting can benefit.


A Marine dad wanted to do something special before he was deployed, so he used the 10 days prior to his departure to celebrate every holiday with his 3-year-old son.

Why “boys will be boys” is a cop-out and other looks at gender equality by Carter Gaddis on Fatherly.

Men’s Health quotes friends of the Dad 2.0 community Zach Rosenberg and Armin Brott in their list of five parenting hacks for new dads.

A paralyzed dad was able to use the help of a bionic suit to walk his daughter down the aisle. It’s as amazing as it sounds:

Graduation got you feeling like a wistful empty-nester? Don’t worry: according to Pew Research, your kids will probably move back home.

Pew Research also maintains that millennial dads are the future of retail.

And do millennial dads have less self-esteem than their fathers due to shifts in the definition of masculinity?

It turns out that mutated sperm may not be why older fathers have a higher risk of autistic children.

In “Nobody lies about their dad,” writers and rock stars reflect on their fathers.

The 21st Century Dads’s 1,500-mile Dads Honor bike ride, which raises awareness about fatherlessness, runs from May 30 to June 19.

The XY Media Group blog relives some of the best Father’s Day spots from last year. Bring tissues.

What does it take to be a great dad in 2016? In this piece that originally appeared in Ask Men and has migrated all the way to Singapore, Dad 2.0 Summit co-founder Doug French shares his ideas.

Co-founder and Fox 26 Houston parenting contributor John Pacini discussed summer schedules for kids.

Whit Honea joined a special edition of The Modern Dads Podcast to discuss the loss of parents and how to speak with kids about it.

These “dad comes home from war and surprises his kids” videos never get old. (One day, we hope they’ll be obsolete.)


This year at Dad 2.016 our friends from LEGO asked attendees to share some “dad truths,” and here is an example of what happened (below). We would love to hear yours, tag Dad 2.0 Summit and LEGO on Twitter and Facebook tagging using the hashtag #LEGODAD.

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