Fatherhood on Friday: Video Magic and the Weight of Our Worlds

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June is here. Can you feel it? That low thrum of joy emanating from millions of school kids gleefully cartwheeling out of school? June is joyous for sure–especially here in America, where, lounging comfortably at its fulcrum, awaits Father’s Day.

On June 1, we decided to celebrate the best way we know how: we re-opened the Dad 2.017 ticket window and launched our monthlong $149 Father’s Day Sale! Is there a better gift for the dad in your life than a trip to San Diego in February? No, there is not. And no, we’re not biased. At all.

Since tickets have been open, we’ve sold 5% more of our allotment. Which means we’re already at 85% capacity! Whether June 19 will be your first or your fifty-first Father’s Day, we hope you can join us!


Author Allyson Downey writes at The Atlantic that “the key to building equal partnerships at home is paternity leave.”

Who ages out first, the children or the parents? Whit Honea ponders the age-old question of aging at City Dads Group.

Daniel HashimotoTurns His 4-Year-Old Son’s Adventures Into Action Movies” and they’re really, really awesome:

This dad takes the term “helicopter parent” to the extreme—he used one to pull his son’s loose tooth. Really.

The new definition of fatherhood is changing society’s perception.

Jordan Watson, creator of the “How To Dad” parenting advice series, talks about fatherhood and his viral videos with Newstalk ZB. This is how he dads:

Gay dads want Australia to learn from the US’s example and legalize (and legislate) commercial surrogacy.

Star Wars is an eternal tale of paternal love and redemption—for both George Lucas and Anakin Skywalker.

This sweet new spot for the Special Olympics follows an expectant dad in a frenzy of anticipation over an upcoming blessed event—the birth of his son:

This year’s Father’s Day ads might be off to a great start, but they have a lot of work ahead to supersede our favorites from last year.

Since millennial dads love shopping with their kids, they could be the future of retail.

At HuffPost, Brent Thomas Whiteside shares “What I Learned From Wearing My Dad’s Old Denim Jacket.”

Did your teenager suddenly decide that sports are no longer fun? Here’s why 70% of kids that age agree.


We’ll leave you with Charlie Capen at How To Be A Dad, who collected photos from nearly 50 dads holding their children to show us how “Dads Carry The Weight Of Their Worlds.” Take a look!

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