Fatherhood On Friday: The Weight of Words in Context, Application and Absence

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You may recall the power and insight of MenCare’s State of the World’s Fathers that we followed so closely last year. Building on that momentum, the MenCare Campaign has focused their attention on fatherhood in America.

State of America’s Fathers will discuss fatherhood in the United States through a comprehensive lens, with a focus on equality and diversity. From looking at fathers’ roles in childcare and how they achieve work-life balance, to examining what it means to be a nonresident father, this report will take an honest look at what fatherhood means for American dads in 2016.”

Join us next week as we report more from MenCare and their June 14 launch of State of America’s Fathers in the United States.


Buzz Bishop writes at Allstate on the evolving definition of masculinity and asks “Are Dads Men?

MarTech Advisor breaks down the new generation of dads in “A Marketers Guide to Reaching Millennial Dads on this Father’s Day.”

Model Brett Novek opens up to askmen.com about the passing of his father and the things he wishes he had said before he died.

Tomasz Laskowski, a Dublin-based photographer, takes pictures of his children in ordinary moments every day of their lives, and the shots make the moments memorable.

Dads who yell have more aggressive teenagers; curiously, a yelling mom doesn’t have the same effect.

The Make It Work Campaign shared a video (below) that will likely resonates with most fathers. It is called “Crazy Sh*t People Say to Dads.”

How would you respond if you heard from your estranged father after 20 years and was told he’d transitioned to a woman? Here is the story of Susan Faludi and her parent Stefánie.

Dr. Timothy Dukes reminds us that “being a father is many-faceted, complex thing, and yet it’s so simple” at the Good Men Project.

Joe Posnanski had quite the parenting moment with his teenage daughter, and it happened on Broadway. Thanks, Hamilton!


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