Fatherhood On Friday: Fatherhood is Fatherhood is Fatherhood

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The title of this week’s #FatherhoodOnFri is inspired by the moving sonnet read by Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda at this year’s Tony Awards. And we think it’s appropriate to appropriate it here, because the core element of any successful father-child relationship is unconditional love.

It’s here! It’s Father’s Day weekend, when everyone gathers around the Father’s Day tree (tie rack?) and sings a song of fatherhood. We can taste the cookies, cakes, and pies now!

You may have noticed that the weeks leading up to Father’s Day are like Sweeps Week for the online dad community. There are gift guides. There are acknowledgements (the example above is a quote from our pal C.C. Chapman and is featured in a collection of #dadwisdom shared by our great friends at Cool Mom Picks).

There are ad campaigns that hit you right in the heart strings, like this brilliant one from Dove Men+Care. It feels especially satisfying to include it here, because even if they hadn’t been our partners and friends for the past five years, this piece captures the joys of fatherhood brilliantly:

It’s a great time of year, when the world is full of virtual handshakes as far as the screen can scroll. Obviously, we keep fatherhood in our hearts all the year round, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy the attention. Free hugs for all the men!


The MenCare Campaign released its State of America’s Fathers earlier this week, and it was as inspiring as it was informative. The State of America’s Fathers Summit, featuring lots of trenchant commentary, was hosted by our friends at Promundo and Fatherly; if you couldn’t make it to the Paley Center in New York City on Tuesday, check out the live stream of the event that’s now available to view in its entirety.

Parental leave champion Josh Levs had a busy week. He wrote “This Is What Happens When Men Try to Take Paternity Leave” for Fortune Magazine and appeared on the Diane Rehm show with Brigid Schulte and Brad Harrington.

Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would rank the dads in the Harry Potter series”? Your dreams have been answered, like magic!

Honored as one of 2016’s “Fathers of the Year,” Vice President Joe Biden offers his five rules for successful fatherhood.

Jim Higley, whom we’ve known before Dad 2.0 was even a thing, writes that the most poignant tributes to the late Muhammad Ali came from his kids.

From Justin Baldoni, “Now more than ever, it’s a man’s job to champion our female counterparts.”

2016’s Best & Worst States for Working Dads: Where does your state rank?

The L.A. Times provides “Five things pediatricians want dads to know about parenting.”

The Chicago Tribune ran a great piece on the hands-on modern dad, featuring our good friends at City Dads Group.

A dad’s estimated annual salary for typical parent duties is $25,738. So why would a mom make $65,523?

The “My Dad Rocks” program offers tributes by young people to fathers and/or mentors that helped change their lives.


The Holderness Family has released another fun video, this time for Father’s Day. Here is Dad 2.0 alum Penn Holderness–joined by Stewart Reynolds (a.k.a. Brittlestar), Gabe Dalporto, LaGuardia Cross, and Jake Fehling–in “Dad Song.” It’s like a tie you can dance to.

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