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You’ve heard a lot about this recently, and after months of preparation and anticipation, the Event of the Summer is finally here!

That’s right! We’ve reached July, the heart of the summer (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), and it’s finally time for the Dads4Kesem Walk along the Hadrian’s Wall Path! The walk will take place July 10-16, and include three members of the Dad 2.0 Summit team (check out the video welcomes from co-founders John Pacini and Doug French, and social media manager Whit Honea). They’ll join nine other dads to honor our friend Oren Miller and to support Camp Kesem, which offers free summer camps to children whose lives have been touched by a parent’s cancer. Kesem operates these camps in over 80 locations in 38 states, and this summer it will serve more than 6,000 children.

Each camp is associated with a college campus, and we plan to raise seed money for a new chapter at Oren’s alma mater, the University of Maryland. A quick look at the math yields this: 12 men, 500+ years of combined age, walking 84 miles in 7 days, to raise $40,000.

That, believe it or not, is the easy part.

The rest comes from donations from Viewers Like You, and we’re grateful for every last smidgen of support, whether it’s five bucks, five cents, or just five minutes of your time spreading the word. You’ll be hearing a lot about the Daring Dozen over the next 2-3 weeks, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts and videos like these:

To learn more about the walk and everyone involved, please visit and follow at the social handles linked above. And look for us on the second day of the walk, July 11, which we’ve adopted as “Dad 2 on Day 2 Day!” We thank you for your support.

In other news, it’s July 1, and that means our Father’s Day Sale has finished. We’re happy to announce that is was a tremendous success, and Dad 2.017 is at over 90% capacity! Also, San Diego is lovely in February. Take that how you will.

In more other news, Monday is the Fourth of July, and we hope all of our friends in the United States have a great one!

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Fatherhood on Friday will be on hiatus (hike-atus?) the next two weeks due to our participation in the Dads4Kesem walk. Please follow our social handles for updates and interactions from the road/wall/occasional pub, and we’ll see you right back here on Friday, July 22.

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