Fatherhood On Friday: Turns Out, There Is Crying in Baseball

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The Republican and Democratic National Conventions for 2016 are now committed to the history books, and now, There Are Two. As as the United States sets about the long overdue business of focusing on the last two candidates for our next president, we want to say a quick word about our current one.

Credit: TNS / Olivier Douliery

On Wednesday night at the DNC, when President Obama listed the aspects of his job that inspire and motivate him amid our divided and divisive politics, he mentioned “the conservative in Texas who disagreed with me on everything, but appreciated that, like him, I try to be a good dad.” Irrespective of politics, we admire how the president has cherished his fatherhood, and talked frankly about growing up without one. And we will miss watching his high-profile commitment to integrate his family life into the world’s most demanding job.


Justin Timberlake equates fatherhood to The Matrix and makes music through the dad lens.

Ads featuring competent, loving, millennial dads continue to be huge hits online.

The National Fatherhood Initiative presents “The Key to Dads Establishing Paternity.”

Meet the dad eating lunch with a blanket over his head in his effort to show support for women who are shamed for breastfeeding in public.

Need a workout to prepare you for fatherhood? GQ has it.

At Yahoo Beauty a “Dad’s Heartfelt Letter About Baby Bonding Is Winning the Internet.”

“It’s a family transition.” Watch this quick video from the Human Rights Campaign to see the strength of understanding and the power of fatherhood:

Are family dinners the bedrock of society? Or a 24-hour restaurant for “small, angry, schizophrenic sociopaths?”

The Chicago Sun Times presents a new study (co-authored by Dad 2.0 alumnus Craig Garfield) that shows involved dads have healthier kids.

This week, in their respective Hall of Fame induction speeches, Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey, Jr., thanked their dads. It turns out that there is crying in baseball:


What happens when a father pretends to forget his son’s birthday, and then surprises him with the gift he wants? More crying in baseball, obviously. The dad in this viral video wasn’t kidding when he said, “Let the world see.”

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