Fatherhood On Friday: The Dad-A-Lympics

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We have mixed feelings about the Olympic Games. They’ve earned their share of terrible press, and in some cases, the press has been terrible. But with eyes wide open, we watch. Because there’s still something to be said for being the best in the world at something–especially if you’re Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive for three Olympics running.

See what we did there? DAD JOKE.

There have been amazing feats, breathtaking competitions, and inspiring stories, many of which throw a spotlight on supportive dads and the fatherhood stories of the athletes themselves. And frankly, we think that’s worth a medal.


The Good Man Project’s Heather Gray celebrates some of the dads who helped make Olympic athletes who they are.

The Huffington Post writes “Michael Phelps’ Dad Moments Should Earn Him A Gold Medal In Fatherhood.

A wide grin and tears of joy from Colin Schooling, after his son Joseph Schooling wins Singapore’s first Olympic gold:

Michelle Carter wins the USA’s first shot-put gold, joining her dad Michael as an Olympic medalist.

After a remarkable tale of redemption, Anthony Ervin now gets to go home and meet his six-week-old daughter.

Inspired by the new book by Missy Franklin and her parents, Aimee Crawford at ESPNW asked moms of superstars to discuss how to raise resilient kids who can bounce back from disappointment.

Elle’s R. Eric Thomas on Aly Raisman’s parents: “This is the kind of parent I want to be—supportive, effusive, and wracked with bone-crushing anxiety.”


What will the next generation of Olympians look like? A new study finds that millennial men have weaker grip strength and are less handy than their fathers’ generation.

Children of depressed parents are more likely to show increases in brain activity that governs risk-taking.

When a woman saw our friend Charlie Capen horsing around with his sons, she told his wife, “Did you know you have three kids?” His response on Facebook went viral.

Two years after Robin Williams’s death, his daughter Zelda copes by resolving to “wake up and be happy, and love what I do.”

If you’re thinking of life as an empty nester, our nests are less empty than ever. In New Jersey, for example, a whopping 43.9% of young people (aged 18-34) are living with at least one parent.

Showing affection for your kids isn’t weakness. Better to do it now than wish you had later.

Eddie Murphy’s fatherhood confession of “I Don’t Change Diapers” is far from funny.

A Michigan father and son forge a new bond with 100-mile hikes, 12 summers in a row (and counting).

This amazing viral video of a father-and-son carpool sing-a-long has raised thousands for the Alzheimer’s Society.


And if that didn’t blow the needle off your cute-o-meter, La Guardia Cross has a helpful training program for toddlers that is pure gold:

See you in 2024, kids.

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