Summer’s Over, So Get Ready to Speak!

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OK. So it’s now really and truly over. Stick a barbecue fork in it. Summer has given way to sensible haircuts, budget-rattling investments in school supplies, and stowing your white cocktail attire (a style rule that some insist on defying). As we watch the last of our kids trudge off to the classroom, we’re thinking of some of our favorite summer exploits:

And that was just June!

Now that autumn leaves are on the way, here’s a bullet list of bullety things to wedge away somewhere in your brainbox:

  • Our Call for Speakers and Ideas will be live right here on Monday, September 12! Whether you’re building a parent-centric online business, or just trying to learn everything you can about being a better dad, the experience has carried us into myriad new directions over the past year. We’re ready to hear what you have to say about it.
  • Our bi-weekly newsletter went out today! (And it looked an awful lot like this blog post!)
  • Our next one, on September 21, will present an in-depth look at our impressions, newsletter clicks, and demographic data that will highlight why our community engagement is so very strong, and why speaking with us elevates whatever platform(s) you’re building.
  • We’ll also take a preliminary look at the 2017 conference schedule and outline this year’s procedures and deadlines for Miller Grants.
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We’ll see you back here in a couple days for Fatherhood On Friday!