Fatherhood On Friday: Facing Outward

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This Sunday marks 15 years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. It’s hard to believe there are teenagers who’ve never known a world with the Twin Towers standing in lower Manhattan, and harder to comprehend how they process that world’s ills (especially with such unprecedented access to them). Our kids have questions, and sometimes, applying our 20th-century upbringings to 21st-century problems feels like bringing a spork to a gun fight.

We continue to believe, then, that our best strategy is dialogue, because “allowing a child insight into the worst of us may very well inspire the best in them.” (Bravo, Whit.) The same idea applies to our conference, where we encourage a community that values relationships over mere broadcasting. In a culture turning ever inward, there’s no greater tonic than discussing things face to face.

As you may have seen in our latest newsletter (summarized here), we’re launching this year’s Call for Speakers and Ideas on Monday. We hope you’ll contribute, because even if your face can’t be in La Jolla, it’s important that your ideas are.


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A year after a picture of his son’s lifeless body captured the world’s attention, Abdullah Kurdi says the plight of Syrian refugees has only worsened: “I think about my children every day.”

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Kevin Smith‘s favorite actor is his daughter, but not for reasons you might think. There is cursing and hugging.

There’s been a lot of cheap retconning this summer, bringing characters’ dads to life just to kill them off. What’s up with that?

In a new profile of Anne-Marie Slaughter, it’s evident that the pressure to be a family’s breadwinner–man or woman–comes at the expense of time with the family.

The number of Australian SAHDs has risen 16% since 2013, and far fewer men see “home duties” as a woman’s role.

In his new memoir,  John le Carré describes the influence of the tortured relationship with his father, a “conman, fantasist [and] occasional jailbird.”


Here’s a great read from Tom Burns, about how he got to be the coolest, geekiest dad in the world. And here’s the Target ad he’s talking about:

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