Quests, Practice, and the Setting of Example

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Before we commence with this week’s fatherhood news, let’s address the speaker in the room—especially because the room is a beautiful space inside the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine, and that speaker should be you!

Our annual Call for Speakers and Ideas is currently open, so if you want to see yourself speaking at Dad 2.017, then you need to collect your thoughts and submit them ASAP! (Don’t worry, we have some helpful submission tips for you, too.) Then, in February you might just find yourself in front of a microphone, connecting with a sea of others about how great it is to be someone’s dad. Just look at co-founder Doug French (pictured above): Who wouldn’t want to feel like that?

(Please note: We’re featuring Doug this week because the Call for Speakers ends on his birthday, September 26. And having his inbox destroyed by passionate dadvocates from all over the world is truly the best present ever.)


Professional-services firm Deloitte has zoomed right past the parental leave debate to allow employees up to 16 weeks for a range of care-giving, be it for the newest family member or the eldest.

Looking to insult a good dad in 9 easy steps? SheKnows has a list (but it’s not what you think).

Taking family leave with the new baby? It’s okay to unplug from social media while you do (but you should still sneak a peak at our Twitter account, just in case).

If you’re an aging dad (aren’t we all?) afraid of forgetting those special moments, Seth Taylor wrote a wonderful piece for City Dads Group called “Early Memories of Fatherhood Never Fade,” which is all about remember the important stuff.

Dads, Fatherly believes “there’s something very important you need to know about the Republican candidate’s proposed family leave policy: You’re not a part of it.”

Are you concerned that your child is prone to, or dealing with, depression? Valerie Grison shares ways that parents can help.

Fathers may not be able to teach our daughters how to be women (nor should we), but according to Tom Burns, we can teach them what they should expect from men. Spoiler: It involves setting an example.

Generally speaking, we aren’t one for generalizations, but sometimes the stereotype fits—or at least you can squeeze into it, which makes this fashion-forward video from The Tonight Show pretty funny:

At Huffington Post, Brian Rutter looks at “Bias in the ‘Burbs,” where moral values intersect with property values.

Jessica Lahey writes at The New York Times on classroom management and the benefits of “Teaching Students How to Less, and Think More.”

“Whether surrogate dads or biological fathers, Wes Anderson highlights characters’ unfulfilled quests for a male role model to look up to.” And now, there’s a book about it.

The March of Dimes has put out a helpful article designed for fathers whose newborns are in the NICU, with coping tips and practical information.

Lockdown drills are unfortunately the New Normal for our children, but The Washington Post suggests that parents should practice for such things, too.

The Telegraph suggests that there may be more to absent fathers than society assumes, and asks if we are “doing enough to help young fathers.”

At National Post, Andrew Potter writes a sweet take on the emotional connections (and displays thereof) between fathers and sons in “Kisses for My Son,” and we can’t love it enough.


Like most people, we here at Dad 2.0 are big Star Wars fans. Its influence is everywhere in pop culture and our society. We’re okay with that. However, Matt Silverman, the guy behind Free Dad Videos, needed more. Hence, this masterpiece:

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