Miller Grants open, Speaker box stuffed

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We’ve mentioned Oren Miller a lot since his death 19 months ago. We’ve invoked his heart, his stubbornness, and his gift with words (which we were grateful to share before and after his passing). We’ve walked almost 100 miles through sheep poop to establish a Camp Kesem chapter in his name.

When you boil it all down, though, the essence of Oren’s legacy is the Dad Bloggers Facebook Group he started and cultivated for five years. We know the success of this online mini-metropolis, which currently comprises over 1,100 dads, speaks to the strength of the online dad community worldwide. So to us, it made perfect sense to name after him our effort to enhance that community, both online and onsite at Dad 2.0. (You can read more about that here.)

The third year of the Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund is officially underway, and donations to the fund, as well as applications for Miller Grants to attend Dad 2.017, will remain open until November 16, and we’ll announce the winners on the following Monday, November 21. Just in time for Thanksgiving. If you’re able to contribute even the smallest amount, we’ve reserved a place for you in our conference program, along with a big slice of gratitude.

It’s the strength and passion of this community, by the way, that conjured a whopping 63% increase in speaker submissions this year! Given the killer lineup of speakers we can already envision, we’re eager to help as many men get to San Diego to see them.


Coming out to your dad is a moment that defines so many gay men.” What happens when your dad is a preacher?

In nearly all Western nations college educated dads spend almost 50% more time with their kids each day than less educated dads do—with moms and dads more involved than previous generations.

Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant gives her best parenting advice ever. Also, weirdness is totally a superpower.

What would you do if you saw a parent harshly disciplining their child in public? Would you intervene? The New York Times asks some experts.

Citing the obligatory “Ancient Dad Rules,” this father recreated photos from his daughter‘s Las Vegas photo shoot. He worked it.

Author Michael Chabon found that you can learn a lot about your son at Fashion Week:

It turns out that men having kids at an advanced age is more common in non-Western, nonindustrial societies. Who knew?

Some have found it controversial, but the fact that science has helped create the first baby born to three biological parents is pretty amazing.

The ire is everywhere, and Kristin Vanderhey Shaw of The Washington Post is here to help teach our kids not to hate, despite all they’re exposed to this election.

Don’t fret! There is also a good side of social media: After a dad’s post about his son’s lack of friends, they’ve been inundated with cards and gifts. For the record, we are big fans of both.

The cliché that men don’t cry has been debunked time and time again (often by us), and now with a professional opinion! Red Tricycle shares Dr. John DeGarmo‘s post, “Why I Cry as a Father.”

A Texas dad delivered his daughter on Interstate 35 by tying off her belly button with his headphone cord. We’re fairly certain they did not name the baby “Bluetooth.” But “DadGyver” has a nice ring to it. (OK, it actually doesn’t.)


Two facts: 1) Dad jokes are international. 2) They don’t stop at the altar. For example, this father of the bride really takes the cake:

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