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Drumpf and Bush tape

The video and audio have been everywhere, a shockwave that everyone, to some degree or another, has felt. The political fallout has been extraordinary, but we choose to focus on what this tape means to parents. If your young child (like this 6-year-old) has heard about comments, then you likely have to view this as the next in a long line of Things We Have To Explain To Our Kids, but with two very important differences. Now we’re talking about what consent is, and how men behave.

We dads believe that our sons need to know that men do not, at times, “talk like that,” and that our daughters need to learn proper male behavior from the examples we set. We believe a person’s claim on decency is not contingent upon the number of female relatives you have. Regardless of relationship or politics, we believe it’s important to call out the objectification and dehumanization of another person, wherever you see it. Because no matter how difficult or awkward it might be to explain to your kid what a “pussy” is, it’s far more important to explain why it should never be “grabbed.” 

Don’t even get us started on Billy Bush.


One of the oldest and most popular complaints by fathers of young children is the lack of changing tables in men’s rooms, but things are changing (diaper pun!), thanks to the new law signed this week. Thanks, Obama!

A “Father-Daughter Dance” in prison? You better believe it.

Who doesn’t love a good internet list? Scott Behson applies his professional knowledge at Success with “12 Work-Life Balance Tips From a Working Dad.”

Critics of public housing span the political spectrum, but recent studies have found that helping parents pay their rent may have some pretty incredible effects on their children.

Schools don’t always have the funding or other resources needed to support (or identify) mental health issues with their students. What can parents do? Some parents are taking charge.

Double-standards in parenting go back and forth so fast they’ll make your head spin, but the bar for being a “good dad” is consistently low.

Youth football coaches confusing “fear mongering” with parental concern over safety issues won’t get more kids in their programs. Perhaps a better approach would be to address the problems.

Are you trying to read the signs of childhood anxiety? Here are some suggestions on how you can recognize them in your child, and the steps you can take to help.

Worrying about parenting is what new dads do. Luckily, they are better prepared than they realize.

It seems like everyone is always sharing the negatives of technology on the human connection, but this deployed dad used it to his advantage and was able to witness an amazing moment.

Parenting, like life in general, involves several lenses of perspective and privilege. Here’s a look through the “things could be worse guide to parenting.”


We aren’t in full Halloween mode yet, but this baby is as ready as one could ever be. Hands off the candy, Daddy!

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Top photo is screen capture of original tape obtained by The Washington Post.